Super soft, super glossy with gorgeous shimmering tones. All this and no ammonia.

Casting Crème Gloss 323 Darkest Chocolate

Product Benefits

Casting Crème Gloss is a no ammonia hair colourant that gives your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and blends away grey. Give your hair a total beauty treatment with Casting Crème Gloss, for glossy rich, natural-looking colour with visible shimmering tones.


No ammonia technology


Casting Crème Gloss: a no ammonia colourant that gives your hair visible shimmering tones, glossy shine and blends away grey. The delicate fragrance makes colouring a luxurious treat!

Casting Crème Gloss is enriched with a patented conditioning complex which helps protect the hair fibre for voluptuous hair: exceptional softness + glossy shine.

Easy + clean to apply, even for beginners.

For extra care for your coloured hair:

L’Oréal, the worldwide No.1 in hair colour*, recommends the Elvive Colour Protect range. Our first range with a Light Reflecting System. It nourishes hair from root to tip and wraps it with protective care.

Protect and reflect your colour radiance with+80% colour radiance protection**!

*AC Nielsen data Jan - Dec 2009.

**Lab test after application of Colour Protect shampoo + masque vs. classic shampoo, then brushing.


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Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 11 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by I was sent a free sample of this product to review. This was my first attempt at dying my own hair. In the past I have always relied on a salon to do it for me. I have quite naturally dark hair but it lightens down the length - I opted for colour 323 Dark Chocolate to hopefully give it deeper and more even tones. I also have increasing numbers of very silvery greys that I want to cover. After doing a patch test a few days earlier I embarked on my first home-dying adventure. The gloves were of good quality though a little on the small side for me. The instructions were very clear and it was quite simple to mix up the colour ready for application. It was a little awkward applying the colour as I am completely unpracticed at it - I had to have hubby on hand to advise on whether I was covering everything. My hair is very thick and quite long and I think I could have done with more colourant to be honest, I had to work it through very thoroughly and was concerned that I might be left looking "patchy"! The fragrance was really quite pleasant and the creme was non-drip at present, any bathroom mess was attributed to my rather sloppy first-timer application skills! Rinsing it out took some time - it was quite thick and every time I though I was done I'd find a bit more. The conditioner again smelt nice and there was enough of it. The packaging states that there is now 50% more conditioner than there used to be which is a good thing as with the thickness and length of my hair I might have found the quantity a little tight without it. I had read some other reviews of the product before I started in case there were other hints and tips I could benefit from, but as it was my first time at home dying I stuck to the instructions and suggested timings pretty closely. Once finished I let my hair dry naturally as the weather was too warm to face using a hairdryer. Once dry and brushed through I was very happy with the feel and condition - my hair felt lovely and soft with a lot less fly away. In the light the colour did seem more even and glossy, though there wasn't as much of a difference to the shade as I had been expecting. Most noticeable was the fact that I could still see a hint of grey here and there, not the fully blended look I was hoping for, perhaps due to the fact that I likely needed more colourant. For a first attempt I don't think I did badly - if I decide to try it again I will probably go for a bolder shade with more red or gold in it to see what difference it makes. I think I would also need to invest in two packs - I think the packaging should give some guidance on how much you need according to your hair length and thickness. As for this shade it didn't make a massive difference colourwise though my hair does feel healthier and shinier - a deep conditioning treatment would have had the same affect with less time and mess though! Again, I think it may be down to the fact that I just didn't have enough and is already quite dark. If your hair is light to mid-brown I'd imagine that you'd have no problems. I certainly haven't been scared off using this brand in the future and will give it a go, but I can only give it middling marks in this review. I would still be likely to recommend it to a friend to try though as I can't be sure how much of it was down to my inexperience! 27 June 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I was extremely happy to be chosen to try the L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss for free through a product testing site and excitedly picked my colour of dark chocolate. I already have brown hair so it would not be a dramatic change but something different. The product came in a compact box with the colour itself, the cream to mix with, royal jelly conditioner and a pair of gloves. As I have long hair it was necessary for me to purchase another bottle to ensure all my hair would be covered. The instructions to use the dye were simple, highlighting the need for a patch test. I followed the instructions in regards to having wet hair. The dye was easy enough to mix with the creme and although the gloves appeared to be on the smaller side they did fit. The mixture was easy to apply to my hair ensuring that it was all covered from root to tip. I may have left the mixture on for longer than the required 20 minutes as my hair is long and took time to ensure the dye was applied properly. The dye washed out easily enough and I applied the royal jelly conditioner. I was lucky that I had 2 bottles as in my opinion there was not enough. I just about managed to cover my hair properly. The instructions suggested to use the conditioner for further washes but this would not be possible for me. The product was ammonia free making it not smell as bad as other hair dye products I have used in the past but there was still a bad scent. Once my hair was dry I was left with soft and glossy locks that I was extremely impressed with and could not stop looking at. I also managed to easily remove any dye that was on my forehead and wrists. 22 June 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I tried Loreal Casting Creme gloss for the first time when I received it for free being a Bzzagent. The results were fabulous and the shade was exactly as shown on the box. Love the glossy and shiny effect of the colour. Hair feels super soft and amazing. I am loving my hair colour and have got loads of compliments from my family members and friends. Excellent product 22 June 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Received a pack for free as an agent at BzzAgent. I am besotted with this product, the immediate results were glossy soft hair with great lasting colour. The conditioner that comes with the product is amazing and I can honestly say I will be buying this again and again. If you're looking for softer, healthier hair with natural colour and a beautiful salon shine then pick this up, you won't regret it. 30 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product! Left my hair very shiny and glossy. Very even coverage and so easy to apply. Will definitely be using this product again. 30 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I hadn't dyed my hair in over 4 years, simply because other products dries out my hair and gavel hair a horrible ammonia smell. I was pleasantly surprised when mixing the formula that there was no strong ammonia smell, the instructions were very clear and easy to read. Application was easy as it wasn't too thick or too thin, just right, it didn't drop everywhere and I could just lather it in. After washing out I applied the conditioner, again it had a nice smell, and left my hair feeling smooth and looking full and shiny. Two weeks on and the colour hasn't faded at all. It still has an amazing shine and lots of subtle tones. I would (and have) highly recommend this product to anyone looking for salon quality hair for a fraction of the price and it the comfort of their own home. I can't wait to try a new shade already! 23 May 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by I regularly colour my hair to cover up my unsightly white hairs. Casting Creme Gloss has coloured my hair beautifully giving me evenly coloured glossy hair. My natural hair colour is dark chocolate colour- so that’s the colour I picked. However when dying my hair I left the colour on for too long and the colour appeared blacker than dark chocolate. The conditioner that comes with the colour is lovely, nice and thick and great smelling! The only downside is I have long hair and I had to purchase another box of hair dye to ensure even colouring throughout my hair and the smell of the chemicals is about for a couple of days. The packaging is really nice as well. Other than that, it’s ok but I would not purchase this dye again – maybe another colour… 15 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by After using this hair colour, my hair feels really soft and smooth and looks super shiney. It was really easy to apply and left a very even colour. My hair is pretty long so I always worry that I won't have enough dye to cover my whole head, but there was plenty of this. Will definitely be using this again and again. 12 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exquisite product, creating a salon standard colour whilst conditioning my hair to a healthy shine. The colour is bold but not flat and looks natural. A pleasing lack of fragrance and no ammonia, the application was easy and no unpleasant. A fast to use product I'll definitely use again. 11 May 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by LOVE IT!!! I applied this product about 2 weeks ago - I waited with my review to see how the colour lasted - this was the first time I have ever tried to apply colour myself. I have very long dark brown hair and being in my 50's, I have several grey roots coming through so I need more regular colouring to cover them up. I usually have it done every 4 weeks at a salon, so I was very nervous about trying home colouring after reading some of the reviews where they had bad experiences . I watched the video on how to do it a few times and then made sure I followed the instructions. It was a lot easier and less messier than I thought. I only needed one box even with my very long hair. The colour is fab and my hair is so shiny and healthy - better than the salon treatment! No sign of the grey hair either and after 2 weeks the colour is still great and has not faded even though I wash my hair every day! I will definitely recommend this to anyone...and no more expensive salon treatments for me !!! 05 September 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by My fav colour, I use this every 6-8 weeks. fab colour even covers grays. easy to use and leaves my hair feeling soft not dry after use. 19 February 2013
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