Delivers rich healthy-looking tones. Hair feels stronger, protected and conditioned. Up to 100% grey coverage.

Excellence 7.31 Natural Dark Caramel Blonde

Product Benefits

Over time, your hair loses vitality and your colour loses radiance. Excellence Crème by L'Oréal Paris, our first non-drip conditioning formula enriched with Pro Keratin, helps replenish hair and rejuvenate colour. Hair feels healthy, silky and soft. Colour looks sensational and not a grey in sight!

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Rated 3.7 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.
Rated 3 out of 5 by I have been dying my hair with L'Oreal for many years. In this time I have tried all the different ranges in typically an ash blonde/ very light blonde shades. I have tried other brands but always achieve the best blonde with L'Oreal - fantastic! However, this particular dye unfortunately didn't work for me. This dye turned out an ashy dirty blonde with a purple hue in light. After much reading I now know this was because my bleached hair was an inappropriate base for this dye (i.e. my hair was too porous and didn't contain any red pigment to balance the toner in the dye). I would therefore not recommend this dye for hair that have been bleached heavily. Hope this helps anyone who might have very bleached hair. I have since washed my hair a few times with a non-colour care shampoo to remove and fade the ashy purple hue - resulting in a cool dark blonde. This experience has certainly not put me off L'Oreal hair dyes though. I will just be a bit more cautious in future - it is chemistry at the end of the day! 04 January 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Might seem strange but I am a 40yo man and many guys like me really have no clue about hair dye and too embarrassed to discuss it and would never get it done professionally lol This review might be useful for other guys For some reason Loreal stopped doing men's hair dye so all we have now is the 'just for men' range. My friend convinced me to use a woman's one so thought why not, I'll give it a go. The Just for men range is a bit of a con to be honest, more expensive, only a handful of colors and if you don't have short hair there is never enough. Its simply marketed at guys as a manly thing and quick and easy application. For a guy, its baffling all the colors available codes and brand names. I have no idea what the difference is between Excellence, Ferire, casting creme etc) I naturally have dark blonde hair with about 50% gray. I was encouraged to go for a much lighter shade as my male friend tried one and seriously got it wrong. I guess guys are like me and thinking god this may go wrong and everyone will know I dye my hair! I made a mess of applying it to just the roots so slapped it on all over. After a anxious 30min wait, it turned out fine actually. As I suspected this 7.31 on me came out much darker than the packet. It looks like that 6.13 or 6.3 one. Actually its not bad at all and still looks natural. I'll go for a 8.1 next time So if your a guy my advice is: - I'd say go for one of the standard natural ones, nothing with copper etc may look good of a lady but will look odd on a guy. We want to give the impression that we don't dye our hair - If in doubt, go lighter. Hair product darkens it anyway. - It seems an 'all or nothing' for the greys, there is no 'touch of grey' like you get in mens ones. However I suspect if you left it on for 20 rather than 30mins you might dampen the intensity down. - Depends on age but might not be suitable if you have grey eyebrows, over 50 etc Loreal Please do an equivalent mens range or publish some guide for all these colors and ranges. We are lost! :) 11 October 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Absolutely hate my hair now... had my hair same colour of the pack 7.31 but my roots was a little bit darker. decide to die my hair again and guess what happened. my hair is now black. I checked the inside of the box and it is the same number and everything. I have no idea how this has happened. Now I am going to spend more money tying to get this back to my original colour than I wanted to. Not using this ever again 29 June 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I used this yesterday to blend my very blonde highlights and dodgy roots into what I hoped was an ombre effect. I took the top half of my hair, protected the underneath with a shower cap. Then the top I took sections and painted down till about 1, 2 or 3 inches from the bottom, leaving the blonde and different lengths so I didn't have a line of colour change that was too obvious. Anyway, I washed it off and styled it last night and I LOVE it...the effect is what I hoped for, in fact better. I feel quite proud as I'm not a hairstylist. Anyway, I don't know what it will be like after a week and a few washes, or after a swim etc. but right now, I cant wait for my next box and to do it again. I just hope I feel the same way in a few weeks. Now, I am just glad I gave it a go. Thanks :) 18 April 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by I have been using L'oreal's casting creme gloss 1010 light iced blonde for the past 3/4 years (and can I just say it's always worked excellently! No yellow or brass tones whatsoever!) However, I am a natural dark blonde, fairly similar colour to the model on the front of this packet (7.31), i read that the excellence creme dye came with a protective serum and it was on offer so decided to give it a try! I always fear my hair will have a gingery tinge to it when trying darker dyes but from experience i know the 3 means red/gold and the 1 means ash, so the two should effectively cancel each other out to avoid that reddy look to blonde! The application was very quick and easy, it didn't smell as bad as some other dyes that I have used in the past! It was very gentle on my scalp, I normally get a stinging sensation during hair colouring but this dye just felt like I had a conditioning treatment on! It goes very dark in colour whilst processing, but I always find this to be the case compared to the end result! My hair has now gone dark blonde but it has far more of an ash tone to it that I was hoping for. However, I do not blame the dye for this! My hair was extremely light before hand with no red pigment left to grip the colour. My roots on the other hand have gone identical to the colour shown on the box! I'd say my hair looks like box 7 - natural dark blonde rather than a caramel blonde 7.31, but as I said my roots, which would have red pigment did go to the exact colour! I just might have to risk putting a redder based dye one my hair next time before hand - although anyone with blonde hair dying experience knows this is a risky job! All in all it was a brilliant dye and I would definitely recommend to give it a try!! I know i won't hesitate to use it again! 02 August 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Loving the NEW LOREAL EXCELLENCE CREME & NEW BALM! Have been using Excellence Hair Colour from it was 1st launched about 10+years ago in shade-7 Natural Dark Blonde,to help cover my early grey which was starting at my locks,& sides! then changing to shade-7.31 Natural Dark Caramel Blonde-(A Natural Soft Dark Beige Blonde) which my Hair Dresser advised as it had more natural,softer tones in it! & now im using both the 7-Natural Dark Blonde,& the 7.31-Natural Dark Caramel Blonde in a ratio of half of the 7,& half of 7.31 which REALLY DOES cover ALL my grey hair,& keeps it away until im next ready to colour in 6-8weeks! Thanks Hair Dresser for that great tip! Anyone with a lot of grey in their hair should use both a Natural Shade,& a shade with tones in it ie: shade No.7+shade No.7.31,shade No.6+Shade No.6.3 and so on! One thing I DONT like,& DONT understand is why Loreal have changed the Model,& the haircolour on the front of Shade 7.31-Natural Dark Caramel Blonde,& replaced her with another Model & haircolour of a far far lighter haircolour around a shade 9 which is a light blonde,& NOWAY a 7 Natural Dark Blonde etc! The Model on the old package of 7.31,was a much truer colour indication to shade 7.31 Natural Dark Caramel Blonde! Please Loreal can we have the original Model added back onto the box of Excellence Creme Shade 7.31-Natural Dark Caramel Blonde! Loreal Excellence Creme Hair Colour,in my opinion is the BEST,gentle home Hair colour around,& I sincerely hope that Loreal NEVER discontinue it! I really LOVE Loreal Excellence Creme hair colour because it really does condition,& leaves your hair really beautiful! Thanks Loreal xx 30 June 2013
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