At L'Oréal Paris, we know it's more than just a hairstyle.
Your style tells the world who you want to be today.
That's why we combine a legacy of styling expertise
and science, with knowledge of the hottest trends, to
bring you a range of styling products to achieve
the look you want.

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  • 1960

    Elnett, a star is born
  • 1962

    Elnett launches its brushed gold packaging
  • 1969

    Elnett micro diffusion
  • 1985

    Elnett and the iconic '80's hairstyles
  • 1997

    Elnett hits the red carpet and
    becomes every stars’ must-have
  • 2008

    Elnett goes a step further
  • 2012

    Stephane Lancien joins
    L’Oréal Paris’ team.

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Elnett Hairspray- from “elle”(she) and “nette”(neat) – is not only a complete departure from the established tradition of hairstyling products, but is above all a new and extraordinary way to fix hairstyles. Thanks to its groundbreaking formula, unrivalled, Elnett has become a mythical product still number one in the world.

In 1962 Elnett launches its brushed gold packaging in order to differentiate itself from the competition and seduce a newly emancipated women. Fashion is bolder, women more liberated and Hairstyling methods are undergoing radical changes. It’s good-bye to stiff hair and hello to bold, supple and voluminous hair.

By equipping Elnett hairspray with micro-diffusion technology, L’Oréal Paris goes all out for avant-garde innovation. Still used today, this procedure ensure a finer, more even spray. This revolutionary applicator is what made Elnett so famous and loved by every women.

Elaborated looks, new wave music… the 80s see the arrival of highly structured cuts and other new styles. From asymmetrical styles to blow-dried “big hair” to permanents, women change their appearance often, at will and whenever they like—just like Madonna, the era’s genius of self-reinvention. The rush toward complex hairstyles inspires L’Oréal Paris to create Elnett Extreme Hold in 1988.

Since 1997, L’Oréal Paris is the Official make-up artist of the International Cannes film festival. It has had the privilege of doing the hair and make-up of beautiful and iconic actresses from all around the world. Elnett helps celebrate the 7thart on the most prestigious red carpet by proposing every year its new improved formulas.

Women all around the world are constantly changing hairstyles and testing new looks so Elnett goes a step further and starts launching new ranges of hairspray specialized in volume, sleekness and shine to achieve dramatic new looks.  

Stéphane Lancien came to Paris to start his career after attending both the School of Fine Arts in Quimper and hairdressing school. He began in the salons of Jean-Marc Maniatis, who quickly recognized his talent and introduced him to the world of studio hairdressing. Over the past 19 years, Stéphane’s reputation as a studio hairdresser has grown throughout Europe and around the world. This same year Elnett, constently reinventing itself, expands its range and launches Elnett Heatspray a new revolutionary formula for either sleeker or more voluminous hair.

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