What does it mean to be a L'Oréal Men Expert spokesperson?
Continue to be myself; to try to inspire other men to go after their ambitions with a little help from Men Expert's products.

3 words to define L'Oréal Paris Men Expert's products?
Cool, sensational & refreshing!

What are your favourite Men Expert products?'
I love the Hydra Power range of products for the skin. These products feel extra fresh and clean. In a few seconds my skin feels totally purified and moisturised. I'm fully revved up to start the day, no matter how long I've worked or how much I have travelled.

What is your must-have grooming gadget?
A comb!

What 3 grooming products do you pack when you travel?
Face wash, moisturiser, pomade.

What beauty advice would you most like to impart to your best friend?
Keep your skin clean.

What gives you confidence?
Knowing who I am and being true to myself.

What do you do in order to stay in shape?
I spend a lot of time in hotels so I try to utilize the good old hotel gym whenever I can, and am always up for a good swim.

It's date night, what are your weapons for charming a girl?
A smile and being yourself.

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