Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan

Kristina Bazan - fashion A-Lister, It Girl and the creative mind behind the style blog @Kayture - has taken the world by storm and turned the blogosphere upside down.

Raised between Switzerland and the USA, Kristina’s passion for fashion and the arts started at a very early age, creating outfit-of-the-day looks on Lookbook in high school. In 2011, she started her blog “Kayture” sharing her elegant looks and travel tales in dreamy photo editorials. Within a year, Kayture had skyrocketed, with her glamorous #ootd and #beautytips becoming the latest global obsession, opening the doors to many prestigious collaborations and extending Kristina's influence throughout the world.

Ferociously passionate about beauty and fashion, Kristina’s bold vision is always one step ahead, and her genuine willingness to share her experiences make her an inspirational figure worldwide.

“We can all become a better version of ourselves if we keep pushing each other further, if we always remind ourselves that nothing is impossible. Life is full of amazing opportunities that simply wait to be unlocked.” Kristina Bazan

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