Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park

Since her catwalk debut in 2013, Korean supermodel Soo-Joo Park’s free-spirited personality and audacious look has been lovingly embraced by the fashion scene. She is the new catwalk sensation and now, a celebrated L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador.

Born in the city of Seoul, Soo-Joo cultivated an innate sense of underground aesthetics. When she moved to California at the age of 10, Soo-Joo fully adopted the artsy west coast life style. This cultural fusion formed a unique look that has made her the muse of her time. Her unconventional talent never plays by the rules.

Following introductions to world renowned designers Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld, Soo-Joo immediately walked in their shows and starred as the face of their subsequent campaigns.

Soo-Joo’s stunningly distinctive features and commanding presence have earned her global popularity in the fashion industry and beyond. She is recognised as an International Fashion Week staple, having walked for Fendi, Oscar De La Renta and Lanvin, to name a few. She also has an enviable portfolio including the front covers of Vogue, Wonderland, Numero and countless others ‒ all within the space of 3 years.

Her platinum blonde hair and edgy style make Soo Joo a glowing example of experimental style meets minimalism, which is the perfect combination for a L'Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador.

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