Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

L'Oréal Paris welcomes Susan Sarandon to the Dream Team of Spokespersons. 

Susan Sarandon is a Hollywood legend, one of the most respected actors of our time and a true woman of worth: Oscar winner, mother, activist, entrepreneur, fighter, and a beautiful example of what it means to age with grace. Susan has paved her own road to success thanks to many significant roles played in films embodying strong, sexy and multifaceted characters, but also through a willingness to speak her mind without a filter. Highly respected by her peers and adored by the public, Susan Sarandon is an ageless beauty, proving that age is just a number and that happiness is the ultimate beauty tool.

Born in Manhattan and raised in Queens and New Jersey, Susan is the eldest of nine children. She landed her first role in the film Joe at the age of 20 when she accompanied her husband to New York City for his role in a Broadway musical. This controversial part began Susan's journey towards becoming one of Hollywood’s most esteemed leading ladies. Many of Susan's films have become instant classics, such as Thelma & Louise, Bull Durham and the campy cult hit, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Susan's distinguished acting career has spanned over four decades and has garnered her five Academy Award nominations, including winning Best Actress in 1995 for the film Dead Man Walking.

As a passionate social and political activist, Susan supports progressive causes as diverse as LGBT rights, environmental issues, and the fight against racism. She has been appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and works globally to protect children’s rights. In 2006, Susan received the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award, and in 2013 became the first celebrity face of the “100 Good Deeds Bracelet,” a non-profit organization providing economic and educational opportunities to empower women and girls across the world.

"The very first time I heard ‘Because I’m Worth It’, it definitely was a shift in the framing of why you should look good. It had to do with women becoming the master of their own lives and decisions. It’s an extremely powerful statement that has transcended time. Beauty comes from the inside; it’s a state of mind."

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