Make Up Designer

Make Up Designer

L’Oréal Paris is aptly named. The brand’s Parisian heritage has been a rich source of inspiration for its vibrant colour signature - make up made in Paris and worn throughout the world.

The Secret of L’Oréal Paris’ Parisian Flair
Creatively, there is no shortage of inspiration, with the iconic image of the Parisienne, with her unique charm and elegance.
Karim Rahman, L’Oréal Paris’ International Make Up Artist, explains that the Parisian spirit can take on many forms - a silhouette glimpsed on a busy street, a woman who plays on both her feminine and her masculine sides, or one whose power of seduction comes from the way she moves. "The Parisienne is free to experiment with her sense of self and with what she chooses to project to the outside world" Karim Rahman says. In short, the Parisian spirit gives each woman the key to express her very own vision of beauty.

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