Préférence Les Cools TV Advert TV Advert

Préférence Les Cools TV Advert TV Advert

Have you discovered the art of cool hair colour?

Introducing Préférence Les Cools hair colour - the ultimate Parisian chic. Warm tones are neutralised and hair looks ultra-radiant from every angle. 

Cool tones are the most difficult to obtain and the most complicated to retain. Several weeks after colour application, the warm tones start to make their reappearance. Yellow for blondes. Orange for the mid browns. Red for the darkest brunettes. Préférence Les Cools offer an ultra-precise combination of 3 cold pigments within a unique gel texture to neutralise warm tones for colour that stays cooler for longer.

Achieve a hair colour that is sophisticated, shiny, and icy cool with Préférence Les Cools.
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