Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin and Stubble - Moisturising Gel

Men Expert Hydra Energetic Skin and Stubble

Tough stubble feels softer and skin feels hydrated.

Moisturising Gel

Moisturising Gel
4 stars

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3 day stubble?

No trouble. L'Oréal Men Expert Skin & Stubble is our first moisturising gel specially designed for your skin and beard.

• Skin looks energised and feels hydrated.

• Beard feels softer and more comfortable.

• Leaves no feeling of stickiness or residue. 

This transparent gel contains our Skin and Stubble Smart Technology designed:

For your stubble - enriched with facial hair softener, your beard feels soft, supple & smooth.

For your face - the fresh gel penetrates instantly to make your skin feel hydrated and comfortable.

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81 Reviews

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4 stars
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I purchased in the hope that it would be better than beard oil, I didn't think it would be as affective as it has been.

I have a hydrated face and soffened my beard. I would highly recommend.

I was also supprised at how little you have to use, I was expecting to have to pump 6 - 7 times to trully affect stubble, but im down to 2 pumps and still feeling the affects.

4 stars

According to my boyfriend who I bought it for, he claims after just a couple of uses he noticed his stubble soften, which is exactly why I bought it!

4 stars

Softens facial hair, smells lovely. Bought on more than one occasion for hubby. He is very happy with this product.

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