"Beauty is not an artifice; it’s a vector for self-esteem. It reveals your personality and self -confidence."

Aimee Mullins for l'Oréal Paris

Aimee Mullins: the perfect combination of strength and beauty.

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Aimee is a talented athlete

Aimee was a member of the American team for the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, becoming the first handicapped woman to take part. With carbon fibre artificial legs inspired by a cheetah's legs, she set the world record for 100 and 200 metres and long jump. Life magazine introduced Aimee to the world with a picture of her in the starting blocks and Sports Illustrated featured a 10 page article on her. Aimee became interested in the way bodies are portrayed and the way in which fashion overturns traditional concepts of femininity and beauty. Aimee was appointed project manager for the American Paralympic team for the London 2012 Olympics.

Aimee's career path is breathtaking.

Aimee first attracted media attention as an athlete. Born without a fibula on each leg, her future did not look very bright. When she was aged just one, both her legs were amputated below the knee. Aged two, she learned to walk with artificial limbs and played normally with other children. Aimee was an excellent student and after graduation she decided to pursue her sporting career. In 1999, she was invited by Alexander McQueen to make her début on the London catwalks. She attracted much attention and immediately made the covers of magazines. Aimee regularly graces the red carpet and is among People magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world. Aimee is the face of True Match by L’Oréal Paris. Watch all the videos of Aimee Mullins!

Aimee’s commitments

An influential voice on contemporary culture, Aimee is also a member of several committees and associations, such as the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF). Despite her young age, Aimee has already had an unquestionable impact on modern society that will influence future generations. She is among the "Most famous American women of the 20th Century" for her contribution to the world of sport.

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