Botanicals Freshcare is an atelier dedicated to crafting luxurious hair care infused with Botanicals Freshcare ingredients.

Concoctions: A mixture of intriguing, hair living ingredients, lovingly crafted with botanicals for discerning hair.

Hair concoctions
Crafted with Botanicals

Handpick your precious potions and curious concoctions.

Coriander strength potion. Mean green reinforcer of fragile locks. 
Lavender soothing concoction. Delicate strands and sensitive scalps, relax.
Geranium shine vinegar. Blooming brilliant for dull hair days.

From our roots to yours.

*formula contains no animal origin or derived ingredients.

<span style="font-size: 32px;">Hair concoctions<br>
Crafted with Botanicals</span><br>
Our Ingredients


Our search for the world’s finest botanicals led us to lavender, a treasure from Provence in France, with a scent that has a unique relaxing, soothing effect.

Our precise distillation process gives us an organic Lavender essential oil, which we have infused in our Lavender Soothing Therapy range for sensitive scalp & fine hair.

Discover our 98% natural origin formulas, such as our Lavender pre-shampoo oil concoction that helps soothe sensitive scalp & hydrate fine hair.
Our Ingredients


Our search for the world’s finest botanicals led us to geranium, a particularly bright and colorful flower.

Our precise distillation process gives us exceptional & renewable essential oil from this delicate bud.

We use that oil in lush formulas designed to restore vibrancy to dull or colored hair. See how it magically revives shine.

Even dull hair can find its better nature.
Our Ingredients


One of the world’s most powerful botanicals is coriander. 100% biodegradable, renewable and rich in Omega 6, its revitalizing power has been used for centuries in traditional herbal fusions.

We infused coriander’s precious extracts in featherweight textures that reinforce brittle hair.

Infuse strength into your hair with every use and let the vibrant aromatic notes awaken your senses.

Even weak hair can find its better nature.
Our Ingredients


Safflower, a sweet orange flower whose oil is particularly rich in lipids.

We were inspired by Ancient Egyptians, who prized safflower oil as a nourishing ointment.

We infused this precious biodegradable and renewable oil in opulent, creamy textures. Drench every hair fiber for deep nutrition and moisture, and let the exquisite oriental scent charm your senses.

Even dry hair can find its better nature.
Our Ingredients


This herbaceous plant was originally grown in the French region of Vendée and harvested only once a year.

The biodegradable oil that is extracted from its seeds is particularly rich in Omega 6 & 9.

We incorporated this luxurious oil in creamy textures that discipline and smooth every hair fiber and envelop you in an aromatic woody fragrance.

Even unruly hair can find its better nature.

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