How to achieve a two-tone hair trend at home

Name a more iconic hair-look of 2020 than two-tone statement tresses…we’ll wait. The dual-tone statement trend is the ultimate nod to rebel in all of us. The bold and contrasting look brings attitude from every angle and perhaps not a trend to test if you’re the shy and retiring kind - bring that BHE (that’s big hair energy) it’s time to make a statement.
First things first when deciding to take the plunge with two-tone hair, it’s important to protect your hair with a nourishing and strengthening treatment both before and after. When it comes to bleaching, there’s no point in even contemplating it if the hair isn’t in healthy condition, as the peroxide can cause damage to the hair cuticle. In the lead up to bleaching, it’s recommended to apply a mask every other night - so with that, we bring you step one…

Pre-bleaching you will need:

- L'Oréal Elvive Full Resist Power Mask
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Step 1. Nourish your locks

Bleaching can take its toll on the hair, making it more prone to split ends and breakages, so it’s important to ensure your hair is nourished and hydrated ahead of bleach application - there’s no such thing as too much TLC when it comes to hair care. In the week before you choose to bleach, try the L'Oréal Elvive Full Resist Power Mask , to leave the hair feeling nourished and strengthened. 
 - The Power Mask  is a lightweight and silicone free formula, for a natural tough, enriched with Biotin, Vitamin B5 and Arginine.

*Before colouring hair, it is important to always perform a patch test 48 hours before, to ensure you do not suffer an allergic reaction to the product.

Time to bleach, you will need:

Ultra Light Cool Pearl Blonde Permanent Hair Dye
Plastic gloves 
An application brush
Petroleum Jelly to prevent dye staining the skin
A towel to protect your neck and shoulders 
A selection of plastic hair clips to section your hair

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Section the hair and protect the skin

The key to achieving this look is by spending some time ahead of bleaching, figuring out where your colour placements are and determining what size you’d like them to be. If you want to go all out - section the top layer of hair about 2-3 inches from the ears. Tie the remaining hair that you will not be bleaching in a tight bun to ensure the two sections are separated. 

Once sectioned, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the hairline and ears to ensure the skin is protected from staining. 
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Apply the bleach

Before applying the bleach, make sure you cover yourself with an old towel and always wear the plastic gloves provided. Following the instructions found in the Colorista Bleach Kit, go ahead and apply the product to the desired section of hair, once covered massage into the hair to ensure full and even coverage. Luckily, the kit contains oil powered bleach to help achieve all-over permanent lightening.
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Rinse and rise with the big hair energy

Check every few minutes to make sure the bleach is developing, do so by wiping a small amount of the product off a strand of hair with a piece of damp cotton wool. If you are happy with the result, rinse the product off, dry and style as desired.
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Aftercare, you will need:

L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Purple Shampoo
L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Purple Conditioner

In terms of aftercare, bleached hair requires a little more TLC to keep breakages, brassiness and split ends at bay. To keep hair looking nourished, bright and glossy, grab yourself a bottle of the L’Oréal Elvive Colour Protect Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. The purple formula neutralises unwanted brassy tones that can creep in from UV, pollution and heat damage in just one use. For best results, use once or twice a week and apply by massaging into hair and leaving for 1-3 minutes before rinsing well.
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