3% PRO-XYLANE  The Power Anti-Aging Molecule Obtained From Green Chemistry

3% PRO-XYLANE The Power Anti-Aging Molecule Obtained From Green Chemistry

What it does: it helps to remodel tissue structures that become disorganized with age
Benefit: Firmer skin, reshaped contours, reduced wrinkles

L’Oréal researchers created Pro-XylaneTM 14 years ago. This powerful molecule never stops delivering new fields of efficacy and is subject of continuous scientific of investigations. It is of natural origin and the object of numerous patents:

Pro-Xylane comes from the transformation of xylose (sourced from birch and beech wood) via an eco-friendly green chemistry process.
Numerous experimental studies* have shown the wide-ranging biological potential of Pro-Xylane™. By initiating the synthesis of GAGs *(Glycosaminoglycans = a family of carbohydrates naturally present in the skin, which  participates to its natural moisture) , Pro-Xylane favors  the creation of an optimal cellular environment.  It promotes synthesis of components essential to the maintain of skin cohesion*. It has been shown that Pro-Xylane™ can enhance the epidermal regeneration process in damaged tissue.**
* in vitro tests
** Test ex-vivo


What it does: Stimulates collagen synthesis
Benefit: Re- Densifies skin and reduces wrinkles

Adenosine is a  major component of ATP, the cell fuel. Well known as a efficient anti-aging ingredient  particularly in Asia (Korea) it provides the cell with a major building block for energy, so that the cell can multiply, regenerate and produce its synthesis regularly. In  vivo study versus placebo also showed is significant anti-wrinkle efficacy*.

*Clinical study on  women, 2 months

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