Duckie Thot

Duckie Thot

Real name Nyadak, born in Melbourne to Sudanese parents, who had escaped the country’s civil war, Duckie Thot’s selfidentity is rooted in this Sudan-to-Australia success story. Her next chapter is written in New York. Arriving in the city with model ambition, her natural talent for the camera and the catwalk fast made her a podium queen and cover star. Thanks to her glowing beauty and her freshness vibes, Duckie completely won the heart of the industry in only 5 years. She’s soon depicted by the pros as the ‘next Naomi Campbell’.

As a millennial of 22, Duckie Thot shares on social media her journey as a black model who challenges the industry norms: when she called out having to bring her own makeup onto set or to style her own hair when shoot stylists lacked the knowledge. She launched online conversations where others shared their stories. By speaking out, she has contributed to the redefinition of what to be a model is. Her uplifting messages are shared to inspire her followers to love themselves.


‘I’m honored to represent L’Oréal Paris, a brand that celebrates infinite ways to be beautiful and makes products for all women. I’m looking forward to helping more girls love the beauty of their dark skin. In my mind, I’m going back in time and telling the young girl I was: ‘Dream big, work hard and trust in yourself girl because one day you’re going to say ‘yes’ to the N°1 beauty brand!

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