Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Born in to cinema, Elle Fanning has grown up on screen with a level of talent and beauty that’s both mesmerised the public and won Hollywood.

Elle is a natural-born actress. From her first role at just 2 years-old, she’s matured grown up on screen into one of today’s most accomplished young stars. Appearing in the 2017 Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, “an indescribable dream,” became reality as Elle’s place among Hollywood royalty was sealed. Yet through this unstoppable rise, she’s successfully maintained an air of mystery as to her life off-screen.

Who Is Elle Fanning?
With an incredible range of roles, Elle has proven her talent crosses genres. She can play the classic Sleeping Beauty opposite Angelina Jolie; take on the role of a transgender teen opposite Susan Sarandon or; go sci-fi thriller directed by J.J. Abrams. At Cannes 2016, Elle played the world’s most beautiful woman in The Neon Demon, transforming from fresh innocence into utterly dangerous.

“Excited does not even begin to describe how thrilled I am to be a L’Oreal Paris spokesperson. L’Oreal always strikes the perfect balance between creativity and beauty. Instagram plus L’Oreal - Oh what fun we are going to have!” Elle Fanning

Offscreen, in beauty - her range is equally wide. With porcelain skin that glows, she’s both a poster girl for the natural ‘no makeup makeup’ look, but don’t be fooled by her fragile composure, she can transform her look from classic Hollywood to more experimental: rainbow shadow, facial glitter, or rocking pink hair, to mention a few recent appearances. A fashion muse, Elle’s fronted fashion campaigns and regularly supports designers in the front row at fashion weeks.

Elle Fanning At Canes 2017. L'Oreal Paris 20th Canniversary
In her first role as ambassador to the brand, Elle Fanning will join the L’Oréal Paris family of actresses at the 70th Festival de Cannes, when L’Oréal Paris celebrates 20 years as official beauty partner.

“It’s an honor to welcome Elle Fanning to L’Oréal Paris just in time to celebrate our 20th anniversary as beauty partner at the Festival de Cannes. Elle is a natural choice for the brand as it highlights our love for beauty and cinema. Indeed, she is the face for the new generation as an accomplished actress, but also an inspiring canvas for makeup artists. I am sure that we will have a fruitful collaboration together.” Pierre Emmanuel ANGELOGLOU, L’Oréal Paris Global President

Her first beauty campaign for L’Oréal Paris will be with Paradise, the latest innovative sensorial mascara of the brand.

"L’Oreal always strikes the perfect balance between creativity and beauty. Instagram plus L’Oreal - Oh what fun we are going to have!"

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