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casting-creme-gloss-100-liquorice-100 Liquorice Black

L'Oréal Casting Crème Gloss Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Crème formula helps to blends away grey hair for a natural-looking colour.

For dark brown or black hair.


Leaves your hair full of visible shimmering tones.
Includes nourishing conditioner with coconut oil.
No ammonia formula for a pleasant smell.
Colour lasts up to 28 shampoos.

Achieve natural-looking colour with visible shimmering tones using Casting Crème Gloss. The no-ammonia crème formula blends away grey hair, and provides a luscious smell. Colour lasts up to 28 shampoos.

After colouring, the conditioner is enriched with Coconut oil that reveals the richness of your brown hair. It leaves your hair soft and voluptuous with an exceptional shine.

 No Ammonia, No Commitment, No Worries

Read and follow instructions.
This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16


1 Tube of colourant crème – 48ml
1 Tube of developer crème – 72ml
1 Bottle of conditioner – 60ml
1 Pair of protection gloves
1 Instruction leaflet

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Loved the smell of this product! Also it's left my hair very manageable and shiny, despite its questionable condition. It's a lovely true black colour and I am hoping it lasts quite a while.

5 stars

After nearly 3 months since I used the liquorice hair dye for the first time my hair is still much darker than my natural brown hair. I have pale skin and fearing these dark shades would wash me out I found they actually gave me a healthy complimenting glow. I first tried out the ebony black within this range and although I loved the colour it faded quite extremely after the fourth wash, this colour however did not!! After nearly 3 months I’m getting close to reapplying this hair dye which is the specific time frame you are supposed to wait between dyes so this colour has definitely done what it says on the box!

This shade is about 2 or 3 shades darker than the ebony and although it’s not as dark now compared to when I first dyed it, it’s still a dark, dark brown. I have curly hair and haven’t found these products to cause any damage or drying and I’m hoping as I continue to use this hair dye these results will continue!

Added tips, I wash my hair with cold water and only use shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, I try not to let my hair drip to much and only keep it under the water for as long as I need. I also use a heat spray and uv spray and these have definitely helped with keeping the results for longer. I will say I didn’t use all these tips until a week or two after first using the ebony so maybe that contributed to why it faded much quicker. If you want a black/ brown colour go with ebony, if you want a true dark, blue black go with liquorice I know I’m sticking with it for the long run!

4 stars

I've been buying this product and colour for several years. I'm very happy with it. Leaves a lovely shine and condition. Starts off a little darker than shown on the box, but fine after the second wash. Covers grey for a few weeks. It's very close to my own hair colour, but I use this to tone down my red/ginger highlights, which I don't like with my skin tone.

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After 48 Hours, please check for any reaction or irritation. If you notice anything, please discontinue use of the product.

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