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Match your brows with your mood with Brow Artist Genius Kit in Light/Medium. Achieve anything from natural to the boldest look. Build the brows you want in 3 easy steps: Shape, Set & Style. The angled spooley brush allows a flawless powder application whilst grooming the brow into shape. The pigmented wax allows hold for up to 12HR* and the powder used allows you to build layer upon layer.

How to Apply Brow Artist Genius Kit in Light/Medium
1. Shape your brow using the tweezers to grab fine eyebrow hairs and really define your brow.
2. Set and shade your brow with the wax for up to 12HR* hold and the powder for a natural looking light/mediumcolour.
3. Style your brows into shape using the angled spooley brush.
*Self-assessment 62 women.

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5 stars
PattiQueenB Review panel member
5 stars

Unfortunately this was just to dark for me but guess who it was perfect for, yep, my Daughter, as if she doesn't use enough of my make up without her getting my freebies as well!! Lol Ok so over to her... What can I say about my *FREE Brow Artiste Kit (Med-Dark)from L'Oreal Paris. (Sorry, my Mums). I am already obsessed with it. I love my eyebrow kits and I use them every single day. L’oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit in Medium Dark comes in a classy silver metallic package tin. It has a tinted wax and a top powder inside also a double ended brush which is flat on one side and a twisty brush (like a mascara wand) on the other, a small mirror on the inside of the lid so it's ideal fror travel and it also comes with a cute mini size pair of tweezers. It has a plastic card with instructions on how to use it which is so easy.... Use the tweezers to tidy and shape the brows, apply the wax with the flat shaping brush and then fill the brows up with the powder and finally brush and tweak the brows with the twisty brush, simple! After using this kit the end results were my eyebrows looked thicker and fuller. I do have quite dark hair and skin though so the med/dark shade was perfect for me my Mum is fair/med skinned and aftertrying this looked like she had stuck her brows on! It was a win, win for me and I will certainly buy it again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

kelsalle Review panel member
5 stars

After receiving my L'Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Kit in the medium-dark shade, courtesy of L'Oreal Paris absolutely free... I couldn't wait to try it out !!! This dainty, very professional and expensive-looking kit is just the perfect product for anyone out there wanting to tame, shape, groom and add that extra tone and/or boldness to their eyebrows. First of all what I loved about this product was its a little foolproof compact with a mirror and all the tools needed to create the fabulous eyebrow (it even comes with a clear plastic cover over the bottom section of the open compact kit with pictures and a 3 step guide to guide people through the process and perfect for people new to this product, so you won't get it wrong... GENIUS!!!) The kit comes with a small pair of tweezers and dual ended angled spooley brush that fit perfectly into the section of the compact beneath the 2 powders. I love it because I can (and have) taken it everywhere with me as it fits so easily into all my bags, even in my pockets of my work uniform!!! I can use the tweezers to groom my brows (or any stray facial hairs too), brush my brows with one end of the dual ended brush to groom my brows while checking them in the compact perfect sized mirror. Then there are 2 powders to perfectly finish off the brow grooming and highlighting process! The L'Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Genius Kit comes with 2 shades of powders for the brow area and the dual ended paddled spooley brush works with the wax-based powder to groom the brows into position, while the highlightening powder is applied with the angled brush to glide across the brows. The powders can be used to everyone's individual highlighter preference, so you can simply groom them with the wax-based powder and brush, add a hint of highlightening powder, or really go to town and make those brows stand out !!! I didn't realise how much I could benefit from such a kit until I tried the L'Oreal Paris Brow Artiste Kit !!! I have tried brow products in the past and on special nights out, but I have found that some just add a powdery colour to the brow which has smudged and put me off using them regularly... But the L'Oreal Brow Artiste kit is just the perfect little package that has got me compliment after compliment on my brows and a great hit with all my girlfriends, even getting me a lovely compliment from my fiancé !! I love, love love this product, highly recommend it to curious consumers out there and will be absolutely purchasing this product from now on in the future as it seems to last ages too !!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Freebs Review panel member
5 stars

My first thought when my Brow Artiste Genius Kit (Med-Dark) arrived from L'Oreal Paris, who kindly offered me the chance to try it for free, was "wow, it's tiny". My second thought was "ooooh perfect for my handbag/weekend away kit!" And I DO like to travel light. The kit is just 6.5cm x 5cm and very light so perfect for popping in any bag. It contains a pair of tweezers, an angled and spooled brow brush and two colours - a lighter pigmented wax setting powder and the slightly darker brow powder. There is also a handy mirror in the lid of the kit. Now I was a bit unsure about this as I've never been one for major amounts of eye make up - a combination of not knowing what to do and a terror of looking like an extra out of Towie, but a little enhancement wouldn't go amiss as I keep being told by my friends. Excited to be trying a new product, I set about doing a practice run and was pleasantly surprised by the results. You start by getting rid of any unwanted strays with the tweezers to neaten your brows and then you use the angled & spooley brush to apply the pigmented wax to keep your brows in shape. I'm ashamed to admit the most I usually do here is slap on a little vaseline in a vague attempt at control so this was a vast improvement. The pigmented wax apparently keeps your brows in place for up to 12hrs (definitely long enough for that big night out) and certainly did the job of the night's out I used it. The darker powder then allows you to build layers up to your desired shade. I started off very easy (that Towie paranoia again) and was really pleased with the result. My brows were definitely more defined without going over the top and I really liked how natural it felt and looked. I did find the little kit brush a bit fiddly and would probably use a brush of my own long term, but it's definitely fine for that weekend away/one off use. The tweezers are definitely a fab addition for those off hairs that always seem to pop up just when you need them least. I played around with the kit and tried applying lots more powder as I actually have very dark brows (scared myself) and toning down for a more subtle look (definitely more me) and I have to say it's been a very one of the best products I've tried just for the different effects you get from it. It's definitely recommended for anyone who has any little gappy bits from years of over-plucking. The kit is also very classy silver and black so would make a fab present for any friend as well as yourself. I'd definitely recommend it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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