brow-artist-micro-tattoo-eyebrow-definer-ebony-106 Ebony

Brow Artist Micro Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Definer Ebony

Microbladed brow look, without the commitment. Hair-like strokes, up to 24hr tattoo wear.

  • Microblading-inspired tip, for hair-like strokes
  • Buildable look, from natural to bold
  • Longwear formula that lasts up to 24 hours


Introducing new L’Oréal Paris Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer, inspired by the art of microblading to help you design your most perfect, natural-looking brows. Now you can get the microbladed brow look, without the commitment.

The micro-trident tip mimics the application of microblading for natural, hair-like strokes. The ink formula lasts up to 24 hours without smudging or budging.

How to Use: 

Always apply Brow Artist Micro Tattoo Eyebrow Definer on clean brows, before applying foundation.

To achieve a natural microbladed look, use the micro-trident tip to draw small, hair-like strokes diagonally along the brow and inner corners.

For a bolder look, use the thick, flat section of the tip to fill in brows.

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4 stars

Value for money

4 stars


4 stars

Value for money

4 stars


4 stars
Kirstwee Review panel member
5 stars

Love it, it is now my go to from my brows! Defines them without being too heavy!

Karagozlum81 Review panel member
3 stars

Not the microblading effect you desire but still gives an even stroke of fullness to the brows. Revommended

Missyj585 Review panel member
4 stars

The product is a great colour for people with very dark eyebrows (I used 'Ebony').

The brush style applicator would be alot better if it was a tiny bit bigger in size and a bit harder, but that's just a personal preference. It still enabled me to fill in small areas fairly precisely, however I still needed to use a spool brush afterwards to ensure it was properly blended. (It may be an idea to add these onto the other end in the future?) Also, I felt I had to push the pen down quite hard to get any product out.

Unfortunately the 'tattoo' effect didn't seem to last long on my eyebrows (perhaps because of the use of the spool comb when applying), however the colour lasted longer than an eyebrow pencil.

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