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infallible-lip-liner-gone-with-the-nude-Gone with the Nude

Infallible Lip Liner

Define, fill and contour your lips with ultra-saturated colour. The secret weapon to your perfect lip look.

The secret weapon to your perfect lip look. 


Hack the hottest lip trends with new Infallible Lip Liners. No longer are lip liners just a base for your lipstick. Now, you can define, fill and contour lips to create endless looks. Available in 11 shades to perfectly match your favourite lip colours. 

- Line it your way, to create the most on-trend lip looks
- Ultra-saturated pigments 
- Resists lipstick feathering and bleeding 
- Creamy formula for smooth glide application 
- 11 match-made-in-heaven shades 

Use to define: Outline your cupids bow, crossing the lines over at the centre. Then outline & fill the rest of your lips before applying lipstick. 

Use to contour: Line lips with a shade two darker than your lipstick. Then draw three lines down the centre of your bottom lip. Apply your lipstick and blend. 

Use as a base: To prevent feathering, apply the same colour liner as your lipstick, or create your own custom shade by using a different base. 

Use on its own: Line & fill your lips for a bold, matte look. No lipstick needed! 

Create an ombre lip: Line lips in a darker shade, blending into the lips but leaving the centre bare. Line the centre with a lighter shade, then press lips together or use a lip brush to create an ombre effect. 

Makeup Designer tip: For the most flawless look, trace around the outside of your lip shape with the highlighting Infallible Lip Liner, Highlight on Fleek. 



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30somethingmel Review panel member
4 stars

The Gone With the Nude lip liner is a beautiful nude liner and great to use under any nude lipstick or gloss. On its own I found the shade a little too pink/light for me. It lasts really well considering I vape regularly. On application it is rather creamy which is great and dries to a beautiful matte. My only issue is I do find them a little drying. Lasting power is something it definitely has though!

kmac Review panel member
5 stars

This lip liner just glides on, it's really easy to apply. I tried it as a liner as well as filling in my lips and using it instead of a lipstick. It's long lasting and probably one of the best liners I've ever tried.

5arahUK Review panel member
5 stars

This is such a fab product and can be used in a number of ways (see photo);traditionally as around the lips to contour them but also because the formula within the lip liner is so creamy it can be used to fill in the lips too with soft,opaque colour without making them look dry/flakey.To finish the look off or to change it up abit sometimes you could add a little bit of lip gloss to make your lips look even fuller.
The colour I chose was Gone With The Wind which is a brilliant nude colour match for the the majority of people I would imagine.

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