men-expert-pure-power-targeting-roll-on-Targeting Roll On

Men Expert Pure Power

Targets spots and marks.

This product has now been discontinued. Please click the link below to shop our recommended alternative or click 'Buy It' to see if we have any more left in stock.


Acts on spots and marks in 3 dimensions:

• Targets spots with a drying effect.

• Skin feels smooth.

• Fades the appearance of blemish marks.

The icy feeling metal ball is easy to use and brings an instant cooling effect.

Containing a salicylic acid, the quick drying formula is invisible on skin and leaves no residue.

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I don't really suffer from spotty skin, just blackheads so this product isn't really for me. I do have blackheads although this roll on didn't really improve them. When I did have the odd spot I tried this out. It did bring it down slightly however I found it extremely drying. It also burned the skin a little. All in all this isn't for me however if you suffer from acne I imagine it would be effective in improving the appearance of the skin.

4 stars

I would not normally use a product like this but it's very good at soothing, hiding spots and also helps fade unwanted marks.

4 stars

This little stick is a magic stick! I've used it a few times and within a few hours the spot is visibly smaller. You do have to use it with a moisturiser and facial scrub to get rid of the spot quickly.

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