Sublime Bronze Express Pro Self-Tanning Dry Mist

Sublime Bronze, your tanning essentials.

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L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Express Pro Self-Tanning Dry Mist for a dark tan finish. The ultra-wide diffuser spray, inspired by professional techniques, creates a natural-looking tan with no need to rub in. No streaks, no fake-tan smell. Non-Tinted.

Micro Diffusion spray for natural-looking deep tan.

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I use this product all year round its great its covers the body really well I would so recommend this. Love love love .

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I'm naturally quite pale and have been using this for a few years now whenever I want a bit of colour. I can honestly say it's the best self tan, really nice colour which isn't too orange or fake and never had a problem with streaks etc etc. Takes a while to dry but just spray once thoroughly dry after a shower and allow 10 mins for it to dry before putting on any clothing so you get the best coverage I think.

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I like this although it does have a slight aroma it is not as bad as other brands. Lasts quite well, even with showers etc. I ordered a new supply on line and I received a new version with a cerise top, but it did not state clearly on the can what strength it was, eg light or medium. So I returned them to the local boots and they swapped them for me for the original versions. On the shelf in the shop were new cans with cerise tops but they did clearly state whether light or medium.

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