Pure Clay Mini Masks Multi-Masking Play Kit

Pure Clay Your Way For Your Purest, Cleanest, Brightest Skin

Contains 3x10ml Mini Pure Clay Face Masks


Different areas of your face [forehead, T-Zone, cheeks] have different skincare needs. The L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay masks allow you to create a tailored detox regime with your own multi-masking solution.

Apply 1, 2 or 3 masks at a time to address your skin needs and multi-mask your way to more beautiful skin day after day. The creamy textures work deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking purer, cleaner, brighter – without drying it out.

Contains 3x10ml Mini Pure Clay Face Masks:

3 Pure Clays + Eucalyptus, known for its purifying properties 

3 Pure Clays + Red Algae, known for its brightening properties 

Pure Clays + Charcoal, which acts like a magnet to draw out impurities

On clean skin apply a thin layer on desired parts of the face, 2-3 times a week. Avoid the eyes and lips. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a wet towel or warm water.

- Post Workout: Apply the Detox Mask to your forehead + cheeks to clarify & the Purity Mask to your nose + chin to mattify

- Post Night Out: Apply the Detox Mask to your cheeks to clarify, the Purity Mask to your forehead to mattify & the Glow Mask to your nose + chin to smooth and brighten

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4 stars

Moisturising benefits

4 stars

Moisturising benefits

4 stars


4 stars


4 stars
3 stars

The product itself is fantasic, I love the mix and match for different parts of your face.
However, the amount of product left after one use is alot, I could have used this 5/6 times.
All the product dries up so its an absolute waste of money as you can only use it once! The packaging definatly needs looking at, if it was in a tube it would be so muh better.

5 stars

This item is perfect for trying out the different masks available before commiting to a larger more expensive pot that may not agree with your skin. The detox mask irritated my skin so I can't review that fairly. The purity and glow are both lovely though. The purity does tingle when you apply it, and the glow is quite heavily scented. You can see your pores opening up and the dirt being drawn out. The two latter masks left my skin feeling clean, clear, soft & refreshed. I will definitely be buying both masks in the bigger pots.
One thing to note is that these small pots have peel back foil lids that can't be closed once opened, I found some cling film stopped the product drying up though & I guess to have tiny pots with tiny lids would increase the price and make this a pretty pointless tester kit.
Would highly recommend.

5 stars

I was skeptical about these and thought they might be a waste of time, but I saw them at a reduced price and decided to give them a go. I have to say, I am impressed! I sort-of followed the guide on the box, sticking to the areas that I knew each type would benefit (green on the oily areas, red for dark circles, black for blemishes), and after removing the mask my skin felt incredible and even looked a little like it was glowing (a rare occurrence for me, as my skin often feels dull). I am now considering buying the full-size version of each of these because of this!

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