Revitalift Laser Renew Anti Ageing Glycolic Peel Pads

For daily exfoliation, to reveal brighter and smoother skin

Ready-to-use glycolic acid pads, with 9.6% glycolic complex. Pre-soaked double sided pads, with a textured side for stronger exfoliation and a smooth side for softer exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types


With age, skin renewal slows down and dead skin cells accumulate on skin's surface. Not only can this leave skin dull and lacklustre, but creates a barrier that prevents your anti-ageing skincare from acting optimally.

Inspired by professional treatments, Revitalift Laser Renew Anti-Ageing Glycolic Peel Pads are enriched with glycolic acid to help remove dead skin cells and boost your daily anti-ageing routine. Intensive re-surfacing action means wrinkles are reduced and skin tone is more unified.

Soothing agents help to rebalance the skin during use and reduce the risk of irritation.

Instant and Long-Term, Visible Results:

After 1 pad skin is clarified, smoother and more radiant. Use for 4 weeks produces a more visibly even skin tone, improved texture and a reduction of wrinkles. Skin looks younger.

How to Use:

Every night, after cleansing, apply one pad over the face in circular motions. Avoid the eye and lip area. Do not rinse, let the liquid absorb into your skin. Ready-to-use, pre-soaked pads - no need to add extra product. Follow with Laser Renew serum and cream. Always use an SPF before sun exposure.

Close jar well after use to avoid drying out.

Glycolic acid is a powerful anti-ageing active ingredient. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water. In case of minor skin irritation, space out applications and in case of persistent irritation, stop using the product and consult your doctor.

Before sun exposure, use an SPF of at least SPF 15.

To prove the results Revitalift Laser Anti-Age Glycolic Peel Pads could deliver, we worked with an independent institute and real women to put the product to the test. 

Ashley joined the trial and followed the strict protocol; she was not allowed to use any other anti-ageing products during the trial, so we could be sure that her results were a direct effect of the Revitalift Glycolic Pads.

Before Ashley used the Revitalift Glycolic Pads, we took a photo of her with no make-up on her skin (she did wear her every day eye make-up for the photo) and did not retouch or edit anything in the image.  An independent verifier from the Clinical Research Organisation was present to authenticate the process.
Ashley used the Revitalift Glycolic Pads once per day, for 30 days. She used a basic SPF in the morning, as the active ingredient in the Pads, Glycolic Acid Complex, can make skin sensitive to the sun.

After 30 days, Ashley returned to our Labs for her final independent professional assessment. Ashley had her photo taken in the exact same circumstances as the photograph from Day 1, as approved by the independent verifier; no facial skin make-up, no retouching.

Ashley was thrilled with her results “I think my face is starting to look younger – it does work!”

What results will you see?

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I work at L'Oreal HO and tried the Glycolic Pads a few months ago. They are now part of my skincare routine, I use them once a week at night when I want a deeper exfoliation, its great to really smoothen and re-surface the skin and I can always tell a difference the morning after I have used it! I use them when I'm starting to break out too as you can feel how deep they clean away the dead skin!

Leanne Review panel member
5 stars

If you need something to give your skin a boost look no further..... so easy to use each night with the pads holding enough liquid to easily wipe over face a couple of times and although there is a slight chemical aroma to them it soon fades after a few minutes..... I noticed such a difference in a week my skin looked so fresh and radient.... I've brought 2 more

SDFly Review panel member
4 stars

Easy to use & convenient. The product is already soaked into the pads so you just remove 1 from the tub, rub it over your face before bed (do not remove), then follow your usual skincare routine the next morning (ensuring to use an SPF moisturiser). Definitely refined & hydrated my skin. Stores well in the tub and doesn’t dry out. Would recommend.

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