Red Carpet Day 2 Mobile
May 17th
Red Carpet: Monster by KORE-EDA HIROKAZU

On May 17th, it was raining in Cannes. But the charismatic L’Oréal Paris ambassadors – Viola Davis, Son Joo Park and Gemma Chan – have nevertheless illuminated the red carpet, all dressed in white or black.

Viola has been a spokesperson since 2019 and represents Age Perfect skincare.
Gemma joined in 2020, supporting the Stand-Up program against street harassment.
As a model and musician, Soo Joo has been bringing her creative spark to the brand since 2015.

On May 17, Monster, the new drama by Japanese director Hirozaku Kore-Eda, was presented in the official competition.

For this highly anticipated film, 3 prestigious ambassadors of the L’Oréal Paris family stunned on the steps of the Palais des Festival. L’Oréal Paris Make-Up artist, Val Garland, and Hair Stylist, Stéphane Lancien, created show-stopping looks to honor the universe of Kore-Eda.

In her Valentino feathered gown, Viola seemed draped in a cloud, her black hair contrasting with the pristine white of her outfit. Her makeup represented the powerful woman that she is: intense gaze, XXL lashes, blush in warm shades and glossy lips. Virginal in a pure white dress by Louis Vuitton, Gemma Chan wore her hair pulled back. Her fresh complexion, her eyelids shaded with pink, her nude lips awakened with a touch of gloss completed the look.
Soo Joo had opted for a black pencil dress embroidered with sequins from Yves Saint Laurent. The delicate structure of her face had been sculpted with bronzer and blush. Colored with lipstick, her eyelids were all about glow while the design of her mouth was beautifully emphasized with woody shades.

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