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May 18th
Red Carpet: Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny by JAMES MANGOLD

On May 18th, Aishwarya Rai, Aja Naomi King, Yseult, Gemma Chan and Luma Grothe walked the Cannes red carpet and showcased their personal version of empowered beauty to the audience and photographers.

Aishwarya joined our spokespeople in 2005. She is a UN HIV ambassador and has been the first Indian actress to be part of the Cannes Jury.
Aja Naomi joined in 2017. She is committed to the education of disadvantaged children.
The French singer-songwriter Yseult has been representing the brand since 2021. She advocates for inclusivity and body positivity.
Luma, who relentless fights for women right joined in 2015.
Gemma joined in 2020, supporting the Stand-Up program and environmental protection.

On May 18, the film Indiana Jones and the dial of destiny by James Mangold was presented at the Palais des Festivals.

For the fifth and final movie of the Indiana Jones Saga starring Harrison Ford, our ambassadors showed off stunning looks created by the teams of Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien.

Breathtaking in a Sophie Couture rhinestone gown with a hood and a train, Aishwarya mesmerized the audience. With her matte red mouth and her eyes drawn with eyeliner, she looked like a mythological creature.
In her Pinko halter dress, Luma made the photographers see the world through rose-tinted glasses. Her high ponytail, bright red lips and long eyelashes brought a new freshness to the red carpet.
Spectacular in a Gaurav Gupta silver lamé gown, Aja was femininity incarnate. She glammed up the red carpet with a bright look, hair pulled back up into a bun and chic, natural makeup.
Extravagant as usual, Yseult walked the carpet in an Alexander McQueen flaming dress evoking a bouquet of scarlet roses. To soothe this bold look, she had opted for a chic and natural makeup.
Gemma had chosen the elegance of a Louis Vuitton silky red dress. Her hair simply loose on the shoulders framed a radiant face where shone the brightness of her black eyes emphasized by eyeliner.

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