May 26th
Red Carpet: The Old Oak by Ken Loach

On May 26th, talented L’Oréal Paris ambassadors Eva Longoria and Andie MacDowell walked the red carpet, captivating the audience before the screening of The Old Oak by Ken Loach.

Andie joined the L’Oréal Paris’ team in 1985. She is known for her fights against age discrimination in the film industry and crimes against humanity.
Eva joined in 2005. She is an advocate for Latin American women’s education, gender equality, and entrepreneurship programs.

On May 26, the competing film for the Palme d’Or was The Old Oak by Ken Loach.

For the screening of The old oak by Ken Loach, Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien's teams have surpassed themselves.
Eva wore a loose bun, complementing her sculptural look in an Elie Saab organza gown embroidered with gold and sequins. Her luminous make-up combined a flawless complexion, and sparkling eyelids accentuated with eyeliner. Her lips were delicately tinted with matte pink.
Andie MacDowell wore a long, black, Santa Ferrero baby doll dress. Her radiant complexion was illuminated with pink blush to match her lips. A dark smokey eye gave her gaze an enigmatic depth. To complete her look, her gorgeous silver hair was wavy with a side parting.

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