Braid Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair

Alongside hair colours, hair braid experimentation is all the rage. From Dutch braids to braided updos , there are types of plaits for every hair length and texture cropping up on the red carpet, at festivals and on your city streets. So how can you join in? We’ve rounded up our top tips for braiding short, medium, and long hair. Let the experimenting begin!

Short hair sleek

Braids are best for short hair when they’re strategically placed. Say, along the fringe or as a statement parting. One of our all-time favourites for short hair is the French pigtail. To create it, you need a rattail comb, two clear elastics and L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk for extra grip.

Step 1 – Create your part
Use your rattail comb to part your hair down the centre or along your natural parting line. Your pigtail braids will fall on either side of your parting.

Step 2 – Section your strands
With your parting in place, separate your hair on either side from crown to just above the ear. To create this look, you’ll only be working with the top half of your hair, so feel free to clip your lower strands out of the way. 

Step 3 – Apply secret weapon
Begin your braids by applying your very own secret weapon: L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk. Not only will it help provide grip, but it will also keep your strands smooth and sleek as you braid, so your end result will be frizz resistant with super staying power. Add a pump to your hands and run your fingers from midway to ends. 

Step 4 – Braid and repeat
To craft your plaits, begin by separating your hair into three sections on either side of your parting. Using a classic French braid technique, cross the left strand over the middle one, and then the right over the middle. Repeat this pattern, picking up new strands as you go. Once you reach the crown of your head, use a clear hair elastic to secure your style. Repeat along the other side of your parting to create the pigtails. 

Step 5 – Polish the style
To complete the look, slightly ‘loosen’ your braids with the end of your rattail comb – making them bigger or more undone. This is styled according to your taste, so feel free to get creative! When you’re happy with your style, and how your braids integrate into the rest of your hair, give your overall look a spritz with your favourite hairspray, like Elnett Infinite Shine,  and you’re ready to go.


Medium hair madness

Mid-length hair is often one of the most flexible lengths. It offers great opportunity for experimentation, and one of the best braid experiments is the Waterfall Braid. It’s simple to create and gives that fresh-from-a-salon vibe. To create it, you need one clear hair elastic, a comb, and L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk.

Step 1 – Put your part in place
A waterfall braid looks best with a centre parting, so begin by creating one using your comb. Brush your hair smooth, particularly if you don’t usually wear your parting in the centre. You want your hair to lie flat along the top of your head.

Step 2 – Apply your braid’s best friend
L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk puts the gift of grip in the palm of your hand. Apply a small dose  to your strands by rubbing the product in your hands and then running it lightly through the top section of your hair. 

Step 3 – Let the waterfall flow
To craft your waterfall braid, start with a basic French braid technique. Begin on the right side of your parting and French braid as normal until you reach your temple. From here, continue your French braid but let the outermost section drop to create the waterfall effect and secure with the clear hair elastic to hold it in place once you’ve reached the centre-back of your head. Repeat the process from the left side of your parting. Once both sides are complete, use your clear elastic to join both together and blend into the rest of your hair.
Tip: When we say “outermost” we mean that, when working on the right side of your head, the hair crossing from left to right should be dropped to create the waterfall. When working on the left side, the hair crossing from right to left should be dropped. 

Step 4 – Finish the look
With your braid complete, you can go in any number of directions. Why not give your look a quick curl using a pair of tongs and a heat protectant like Elnett Heat Protect Spray Waves? Alternatively you could leave it long and glossy? Either way, keep your braid in place with a strong hairspray like Elnett Sleek and Chic.


Long hair luxuries

Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid for a day? We certainly have. Luckily, we have your back. Here is a way to give off serious mermaid vibes with an oversized fishtail braid. This look is particularly simple to achieve for anyone with long hair. All you need is a clear hair elastic, a comb and L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk

Step 1 – Part the seas (of your hair)
Begin by creating a deep side parting using your comb on whichever side you’d naturally part your hair. It can be a fairly rough parting as this look is a little bit more ‘undone’ and tousled, just like the ocean. Add L’Oreal Stylista Braid Milk for easy braiding to come. 


Step 2 – Create a mini braid
Midway between the front and the crown of your head, create a small standard braid from a section of hair about 2 centimetres wide. An accent braid like this helps to add intrigue and a bit of fresh-from-the-beach appeal. Feel free to secure it or leave it loose, whichever you prefer. The ends of this braid will work their way into a larger fishtail braid. 

Step 3 – Fishtail
The final step to mermaid glory is to build the fishtail itself. To create it, separate your strands into four parts, working the mini braid into one of them. Wrap the leftmost strand over the second to left strand and the rightmost strand over the second to right and repeat. When you’ve reached the bottom of your braid, secure with a clear elastic and then loosely pull the braid apart for volume. Finish with Elnett Sleek and Chic and you’re ready for your mermaid debut.



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