How To Care For Combination Skin

Finding a good skincare routine that works for you isn’t always easy. And if you have combination skin, it can all feel rather complicated. Read on for expert tips on how to care for combination skin.

What is combination skin?
The key to finding the right skincare regime for your skin type is to, first, understand it. Many people either have oily or dry skin that causes the odd breakout. This means they have one skin type with plenty of skincare products available. 

Combination skin, however, is a touch more complicated, as it means you have the effects of both types. More specifically, if you have combination skin you’ll have:

 An oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) 
 A dull tone to your nose and chin due to dead skin cells
 Dry skin on the cheeks and around the eyes

Sound like your skin? With one in three 16-20 year olds saying they have combination skin and increasingly more mature women experiencing a combination of skin issues, you’re certainly not alone. 

TIP: Not sure if you have combination skin? Here’s a simple test for you. After removing your makeup, place a single piece of tissue over your T-zone. If it only sticks to your T-zone, you have combination skin. If it doesn’t stick (or sticks to your whole face) you either have dry or oily skin. 

How to care for combination skin

While variety in life can make things more interesting, having combination skin does make your skincare routine a little more difficult – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips to help you care for combination skin:

Step 1: No soap, no drama: use gentle facial cleansers
To avoid oily and flaky drama that can sometimes be a product of combination skin, avoid reaching for the soap. Soap dries up your skin, which may seem helpful for oily areas, but can actually make skin problems worse. This is true for any skin type, but especially important if you have combination skin that needs a more strategic approach. 

To clean your skin, use a gentle cleanser like our Micellar Water which is made with purified water. Combined with micelles that capture impurities, micellar water is a powerful product that effectively cleans while staying gentle on the skin. 

Alternatively, you can use a cleansing lotion specifically made for combination skin. Using a gentle cleanser morning and night will help keep your T-zone in check, so you can mattify your oily areas without irritating the others. 

TIP: Starting with your T-zone, gently massage your cleanser into your skin with small, circular movements, and repeat until the pad is clear. You could also add a spray of thermal water after your rinse to eliminate nasty tap water ingredients like limestone.

Step 2: Cleanse, clear and tone that T-zone
The CTM routine (cleanse, tone and moisturise) is a great back-to-basics strategy for most skin types. If you have oily or combination skin, it’s a good idea to add in an extra C: clear. This means exfoliating your pores after you cleanse to remove dirt.

You can do this with a cleansing brush, serum or exfoliation. If you really want to treat yourself, then give into your craving the right way with a Smooth Sugar Scrub. Sugar scrubs are the most gentle way to exfoliate your skin – they nourish, cleanse and give your combination skin a radiant glow. 

Step 3: Find your combination skin moisturiser match
Not just any moisturiser will work on combination skin. You need one that will help improve dry skin patches while preventing your T-zone from becoming oily. You can achieve this by using a moisturiser with mattifying ingredients for your oily areas, and soothing ingredients for your dry patches. (You really can have it all!)

We have two great moisturising products for normal to combination skin: Hydro Genius Aloe Water and Triple Active Fresh – an ultra-hydrating gel cream packed with vitamins and minerals that leave your skin hydrated, toned and glowing. 

Step 4: Combine products to use on different zones
While there are specific all-round normal to combination skin products, there’s still no harm in combining products to tackle those areas. 

Got some time on your hands? Try using different face masks that work for each of your zones. Apply Pure Clay Purity Mask to your T-zone, and Pure Clay Glow Mask to your dry or dull patches. You could also do the same with moisturiser on a daily basis. 

Step 5: Care for combination skin daily
As well as using the right products, properly caring for your combination skin should be something you weave into your daily routine. Here’s a few simple things you can do to help manage your combination skin throughout the day:

● Keep those mitts off – avoid touching your face through the day
● Use sunscreen or daily moisturiser and makeup with SPF protection
● Blot away oil if you need to with tissue paper or, even better, oil-blotting sheets
● Apply a matte toner or foundation to oily areas

Learn to love your combination skin
We’re all unique, and as you begin to understand your skin, you’ll also learn to love it – every dry patch, oily slip and more. It’s time to give yourself a good combination skin pampering.




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