Different Types Of Hair Dye

Different Types Of Hair Dye

Different types of hair dye

Are you searching for a bold new look? Want to liven up your natural shade, or take a crazy colour to town for just one day? Whether you’re looking for a cheeky one-night stand, a brief fling or the whole shabang, there’s a L’Oréal hair dye that’s right for you. But with so many types of hair dye available, how do you choose? This FAQ will tell you everything you need to find your perfect hair colour crush. There are different types of hair dye to choose from depending on how long you'd like it to last. You can use a temporary wash-out dye, coloured hair spray, a semi-permanent or permanent hair colour.

How do I choose the right hair dye?

Are you ready to settle down with your colour, or are you still flirting with a variety of shades? When you’re choosing your hair dye, it all comes down to how committed you’re feeling. For those looking to go the distance, L’Oréal Paris has a range of permanent hair dyes that will lock in colour and treat your hair with care, so it stays looking fabulous for up to six weeks. But perhaps you’re feeling a little less certain, or you want to skip your way through the rainbow, choosing a new colour every week. If that’s the case, you’re also in the right place. Our temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes come in a range of colours: from out-there bright pinks to rich, glossy brunettes.

What is temporary hair dye?

Temporary hair dye is a great option if you want to test drive something new before dyeing your hair permanently, or you’re looking to wow for one night only, with colour simply fading out the next time you shampoo your hair. There’s no need to commit to a colour with temporary hair dye, so why not make a statement and experiment with bright pink or purple? If you decide the look just isn’t working for you, your hair will be back to normal after a few washes.

How long does temporary hair dye last?

Our Colorista Washout hair dye fades gradually over 1-2 weeks (or faster if you wash your hair more often), so you really can switch up your hair colour whenever you wish to. The Colorista Washout range has a deep conditioning base, which means it nourishes your hair and keeps locks looking glossy and healthy. Choose from 13 shades, ranging from vivid colours to soft pastels.

What is coloured hair spray?

Designed to spray in and wash out, coloured hair spray is ideal if you’re looking to walk on the wild side for one day only – requiring absolutely no commitment from you. Our Colorista Temporary Hair Colour Spra comes in a range of colours – including striking hot pink and turquoise– meaning you really can have a different look every day of the week. And at the end of the day, simply wash it out and start all over again. Our coloured hair spray range is the perfect way to experiment with multi-colour trends. You can even have your own go at mermaid hair!

Does coloured hair spray wash out?

The Colorista Spray 1-Day Colourrange are direct dyes in an ultra-light micro powder, designed to stay on all day and wash out completely. You can layer varying colours on top of each other or use more of the spray dye to achieve a deeper, intense colour.

What is semi-permanent hair colour?

Semi-permanent hair colour is a gentler way to add natural-looking colour to your hair, rather than penetrating the hair shaft with permanent dye. Our Casting Creme Gloss semi-permanent colour is designed to give you super soft, glossy hair with shimmering undertones. It’s perfect for those pesky first greys. This range of semi-permanent hair colour doesn’t contain any ammonia, so it’s kinder to your locks – and it smells gorgeous, too.

Does semi-permanent dye wash out?

Semi-permanent dye is designed to fade out of your hair gradually, though the time it takes to fade will depend on your hair history and condition. Protect your colour for long-wear when you use our Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner, specifically designed for coloured hair.

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

Your semi-permanent colour will last anywhere between a few weeks and months, depending on the condition of your hair and its treatment history. Semi-permanent hair dye will also fade faster if you wash your hair more often. Our Casting Crème Glos range is enriched with a conditioning complex to protect the hair fibre, helping hair hold on to those rich, shimmering tones for longer.

What is permanent hair colour?

If you’re ready to commit to a total transformation, opt for a permanent hair colour to stand the test of time. Our Excellence Permanent Hair Colour is an advanced, triple care crème conditioner that gives multi-tonal, natural-looking colour, covering all greys. Excellence is designed to leave your hair feeling protected and nourished and gives you up to six weeks of intensive colour care.

Which option works for my roots?

Extend the life of your hair colour with our first ever instant root concealer spray. Magic Retouch is the perfect solution to concealing roots and grey hairs in just three seconds – that’s right, three SECONDS. Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer is lightweight and designed to perfectly match and blend into your hair colour. It precisely targets greys and roots with a pinpoint micro-diffuser and achieve a natural, even coverage. Magic Retouch lasts until it's washed out and is a simple, effective way to cover your grey without having to top up your hair dye.

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