How to avoid the fade of age Radiant Skin

How to avoid the fade of age Radiant Skin

Looking after your skin is undoubtedly one of the most important things you can do. As we age, cell renewal slows down and skin gets thinner, drier and duller which can make us look and feel washed out.

Start with a skin serum
A breed of products designed to deliver a high concentration of the primary ingredients. For intense nourishment, try Age Perfect Intensive Renourish Serum to hydrate the skin with moisture or Age Perfect Cell Renew Golden Serum for a fresher, renewed radiance.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
A dull and dry skin texture may enhance the look of aged skin. It is important to keep your skin regularly hydrated to help maintain that healthy looking glow. Why not try Age Perfect Day a light nourishing cream that melts right in. It helps reduce the appearance of age spots for an even radiant looking complexion.

Stay safe in the sun
The discovery of how to combat the ravaging effect of sunlight on skin was probably one of the biggest advances in anti-ageing skincare. There are now moisturisers containing sunscreens, specifically developed for delicate mature skin. Choose between Age Perfect Pro Calcium Day SPF15 for more sensitive skin, or Age Perfect Cell Renew Day SPF15 for a more radiant look.

Pamper your skin with a facial oil
A quick massage with one of these super-light oils is an excellent way to nourish your skin with moisture, leaving your skin feeling super soft and glowing. Extraordinary Facial Oil is a luxurious non-greasy blend of eight essential oils and has become the British #1 best seller, so it’s well worth a try!

A lighter way to lay the foundation
A BB cream can be a lighter, more hydrating alternative to foundation, transforming your appearance by simply evening out the look of facial skin colour. Nude Magique BB Cream is L’Oréal’s first self-adjusting BB cream, which provides moisturising skincare that transforms into lightweight foundation when you apply it. Skin looks flawless and even with a dewy glow.

Don’t forget the cheeks!
Blush and bronzer are great ways to create a healthy looking complexion with a translucent glow. Even if you’re home alone, it might just perk up your mood to glance in the mirror and see yourself looking great! True Match Blush comes in a range of colours to work on almost any skin tone; Glam Bronze duo with pearlescent particles provides an instant luminous glow for post-holiday looking skin.

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