Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour

Save your hair this Summer!

Holidays are all about fun in the sun but while you're busy living the Summer dream your hair can have a hard time keeping up.
Hair can become dry, knotty, tangled, dull, dehydrated and lack lustre. Not quite the head of hair you were hoping to leave your two week holiday with? Until now your options have been; a) hide under a hat or b) keep it out of all chlorine and salt water. We say forget both and instead indulge your hair in a pre and post-holiday haircare regime that nourishes, strengthens, protects and restores. You and your hair should be allowed to enjoy all aspects of your summer hols! 

Before You Go:
Start your regime before you jet off off on holiday with Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour Shampoo and Conditioner. Deeply nourishing and packed with 6 flower oils, your daily wash just got a whole lot more hydrating! 

When You're There:
Elvive Extraordinary Oil Summer Saviour Intensive Masque; This is a real hero of a hair masque; apply it as often as you feel you need it when you're on holiday to really counteract the drying and damaging effects of the sea, sun and chlorine. Apply and comb through with a wide tooth comb to detangle. 

When You Get Home:
Now is the time to really keep your Summer saviour regime up. Twice a week swap your daily Summer Saviour Conditioner for the Intensive Masque. Use it in the bath or wrap your hair in a hot towel for a truly pampering experience. Follow this for three weeks after you return and you'll find your hair looks extraordinary even after your holiday!

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