How to Ombré Lips

How to Ombré Lips


Add a fun pop of colour to your features with ombré lips – a bright, beautiful and seriously on-trend look, whatever the season! Not just reserved for hair, the ombré technique has moved to makeup to create a puckered, two-toned pout. 

Ombré lips play with the light to accentuate the natural curves of your mouth. The technique is a great way to play with colours, textures and use a multitude of lip shades, but how should you fade one bright colour into another? This tutorial will show you how to create show-stopping ombré lips. 

What you need to ombré your lips
To achieve the perfect ombré pout, you’ll need:

- A blotting tissue
- A lip liner
- Two shades of lipstick
- Concealer/primer
- A lip brush
- Highlighter
- Bronzer
- Lip balm
- Clear lip gloss

Getting started with ombré lips
To prep your lips for this look, scrub your lips by either using a lip scrub or gently massaging them with a toothbrush. This will provide a smooth canvas to apply the colour to. Follow with a lip balm and blot with a tissue. 

To be an ombré pro, apply primer to your lips alongside concealer to create a neutral base, deceiving the eye by creating a new lip line. 

Lip liner for ombré lips
Lip liner is your secret weapon when it comes to prepping your lips for an ultra-defined pout. You can use lip liner to line your lips and help prevent colour from bleeding, or to fill in your lips before applying any lipstick.

It’s recommended that a lip liner should be no more than two shades darker than your natural lip colour. With your chosen liner, outline lips and shade in the corners to add dimension – to give the illusion of slightly fuller lips, go outside the natural contours of your lips.

Apply colour
Take your lip brush and the lighter shade of your two lipsticks, starting by blending from the outer part of your pencil line and then working towards the centre. Take care not to put too much lipstick on the centre of your lips, as this is where you’ll want the lightest part of your ombré colour. 

Begin to blend the colours, ensuring you still have a two-tone effect. To achieve this, go lightly and be careful to not over-blend. This might take a few attempts and reapplications, but practice makes perfect.

Highlight and contour your ombré lips
Apply highlighter to your cupid’s bow, just above your top lip, to accentuate your lips and get them looking their fullest. Follow with a stroke of bronzer just below your bottom lip to create the illusion of a fuller, luscious pout.

Deciding on your ombré look
Investing in a lip palette is a great way to experiment with this lip trend. We have three excellent palettes to help you indulge your inner makeup artist. Our Nude Lip Palette, Red Palette and Summer Glam are fab choices to create a picture-perfect pout.

Red ombré lips
Red ombré lips are a twist on a classic red siren lip. To achieve this, begin by applying lip liner either directly around your natural lip line, or apply it slightly wider for a plumper lip. Our Color Riche Lip Liner in Perfect Red is a great start for creating red ombré daredevil lips. Use the lightest shade in the centre of your pout to give the illusion of fuller lips and follow with the darkest shade on the outer corners, then blend these to create your desired ombré look. 

Nude ombré lips
For a perfect day to night lip plumping look, take your nude lip palette and follow a similar technique outlined above; start with the lightest shade in the centre of your lips and blend into the darker shade in the outer corners. Use our Infallible lip liner in Hollywood Beige or Gone With The Nude for a naturally sculpted lip.

Pink ombré lips
Whether you want an ombré that takes you from nude to Barbie-pink, or a daring fuchsia to purple mermaid-effect, the Infallible Matte Max Lip Colours are great for achieving a bold, striking look. Try shades like Pink It Again and Like a Virgin together to get that eye-popping pink pout.

Purple ombré lips
For a wonderful berry-kiss meets vampire look, purple is your go-to. It looks great on darker complexions and is also totally striking on fairer ladies. The L’Oréal Balmain Color Riche Lipsticks in Freedom and Liberation allow you to completely revolutionise your look. 

Playing with textures
Feel free to experiment with matte, metallic and glossy textures once you’ve nailed your ombré technique. Apply your gloss to the centre of the lip to add texture and volume. 
Now you’ve thrown the rulebook out of the window, it’s time to start as you mean to go on. Why not add a touch of glitter to your ombré lips? To ensure your glitter remains dazzling all night, apply makeup primer to the centre of the lips. Dip a flat brush into the loose sparkles and adopt a patting technique. 
There you have it. Fabulous ombré lips for all occasions.

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