• The “ALL WORTH IT” Confidence Training Program

  • At L’Oréal Paris we’ve always believed everyone is worth it. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from.

    L’Oréal Paris is proud to be working with The Prince’s Trust to support over 10,000 young people with an “ALL WORTH IT” Confidence Training Programme to help turn self-doubt into self-worth. 

    Why do we do it?

    A recent report by The Prince’s Trust* found that more than a quarter of young people don’t feel in control of their lives, with worries about job prospects, lack of self-confidence and recent political events all playing on their minds and stopping them from reaching their goals.
    The report suggests a range of factors which could be leading to young people feeling this way. One in ten young people feel they don’t know anyone who ‘really cares’ about them, 45% feel stressed about their body image and 37% are worried about coping at work or school. 61% also felt that a lack of self-confidence holds them back.

    What are we doing?

    We’re working with experts at The Prince’s Trust to create a confidence training course that will run at all Prince’s Trust centres. But we also understand that many young people may not be able to access a centre or feel comfortable in this environment. That’s why we are also creating online confidence training resources, available on the Prince’s Trust Plus website later this year to change the way support is given, reaching more young people than ever before.

    The Prince’s Trust 

    What’s so great about the Prince’s Trust, and the reason behind our partnership, is their unique approach to support. Equipping young people with the tools to overcome barriers in their lives and make daily strides towards self-confidence will ultimately make a huge difference to their future. 

    Learning is challenging, physical, social and varied with a blend of group activities, outdoor learning and solo sessions; this gives each participant the opportunity to learn and grow in a way that most benefits them personally. Ultimately, these need to engage, and fun is always on the agenda.

    So, what does a ‘Worth It Session’ look like?

    The Prince’s Trust have used their expertise in working with young people to devise four sessions themed around building self-esteem. 


    Learning to recognise your own strengths and understand the meaning of self-care is an important first step to a boost to young people’s confidence. During this session the team will work to create a ‘Power Wall’; using creative messaging and artwork to share positive thoughts and ideas on developing their inner strength. 


    Many young people are involved in damaging relationships; may that be family members, friends or partners and find it difficult to understand acceptable behaviour. Seeking positivity in relationships and recognising negative influences will be of benefit throughout their professional and personal lives. 

    Body Language and Interview Skills  

    Projecting confidence through body language is a key skill, particularly when seeking employment and preparing for and communicating during interviews. Based on practical activities and games, this session will teach young people the key steps towards better body language. 

    Employ Me  

    Supported by L’Oréal Paris volunteers, young people will gain skills to improve their confidence when looking for work and attending an interview. From what to wear, how to present themselves and appropriate language; they will learn that success comes from within.

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    *Source: The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index (9th January 2017)