Find out how Patricia Bright slays. Beauty Expert in hair, makeup & skincare.
Sum up in one word how it feels to be part of the L'Oréal Paris team?

Talk us through your hair regime?
Looking after my skin is probably the most important step to my regime. You can't beat having flawless foundation so I'm a real sucker for all things skincare: cleansing, exfoliating, masks, moisturising followed up with a good SPF.

Which L’Oréal Paris product can’t you live without?
It's a toss up between the True Match foundation or Miss Hippie mascara.

Best beauty hack?
Setting power on the eyelids to avoid shiny eyes.

Earliest memory of experimenting with beauty?
Its back in school when I wore dark lip liner with frosty pink lip gloss - sooo embarrassing but at the time I lived for this look!

Best piece of beauty advice?
I have two. Eyebrows are sisters not twins. And my second is understand what looks best on your face and run with that rather than trying to make trends work for you.

What advice can you give to any aspiring beauty bloggers?
Be you and be authentic

Describe L’Oréal Paris in one word?

How did it feel saying the famous worth it line?
It's an honour to be saying the famous L’Oréal line and it's a great knowing that I am part of a movement that put's women first.

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