Infallible Nail - 134 Mixy Violet

Infallible Nail

Long-Lasting, 2 Step Nail Polish

Inspired by a salon gel manicure.


The first long-lasting, 2 step nail polish from L'Oréal Paris that lasts up to 12 days*.

Gives a high shine, inspired by a salon gel manicure.

*With application of the nail colour, top coat and reapplication of the top coat every other day.

A combination of film-forming polymer, gellifying agents and crystal copolymer, designed to bring durability, adhesion to nail and for brilliant shine.

How to apply:

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of the gel colour, taking care not to let the formula touch the edges of your cuticles. Leave the colour to dry completely, for around 2 minutes.

Step 2:
Apply 1 coat of the gel topcoat to seal the colour and give magnifying plumped shine for up to 12 days*, inspired by a salon gel manicure.

*With application of the nail colour, top coat and reapplication of the top coat every other day.

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4 stars
nawal14 Review panel member
5 stars

Very nice quality polish. Goes on nicely lovely high gloss finish love it and i would to recommend all

Fallen Review panel member
5 stars

The L'oreal Infallible Nails Gel Effect Nail Polish is available in some fantastic colours. I went with a lovely dark purple shade. I love the packaging, the fact that the two polishes can be kept together is perfect. Saves one from going walkies. First I applied my usual base coat that I always use when polishing my nails. Then Applied the purple nail polish. This was easy and smooth to apply, the polish brush was just right for my nails. After that coat had dried I applied a second layer, as I felt that the first coat wasn't thick enough to show the true colour. When dry I went on to cover the nail with the 'Gel effect activator' top coat. Now this made my nails super bright, shiny and almost plump looking! Loved it! Lasted for ages too

RosieBoyn Review panel member
4 stars

Two coats of colour and colour of top coat and this stuff just will not chip! It's really handy having the two bottles together but I suspect the colour will run out first as i'm using two coats of this. That being said, I can still remove the clear top coat and use this with my other polishes. Goes on easy and covers really well.

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