Men Expert Invincible Sport - 96HR XXL Roll On

Men Expert Invincible Sport

96HR XXL Roll on Deodorant

High performance, helps keep your underarms dry for up to 96hrs.

96HR XXL Roll On
4 stars

71 Reviews

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Introducing our first anti-perspirant enriched with Magnesia, a compound used by weight lifters & gymnasts to increase gripping power.

This anti-perspirant will keep your armpits dry for up to 96 hours.

A fresh woody fragrance is the only thing you'll smell of after a workout.

Up to 96 hour dry feel. Enriched with Magnesia. Dry and fresh woody fragrance. Free from alcohol.

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72 Reviews

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4 stars
5 stars

I have bought this product in various fragrances for a few years and it is the best in the market.

macphee70 Review panel member
4 stars

I’ve been using the Loreal men expert invincible sport anti-perspirant 96H for a few weeks now, in short I like it and I don’t normally like anti-perspirant deodorants, to the point I’d but it again. It comes in fairly attractive packaging, with a simple but clear and effect label, the XXL roll on ball is very handy and easy to use making applying the deodorant simple. The liquid flows easily round the ball and there’s no need to try and hold it upside down while applying it. The deodorant is almost clear and when put on using the roller ball you don’t see it other than the wet feeling until it dry. If you put too much on its possible to notice that it’s a white milky colour, not entirely clear, but I’ve yet to find that a problem. It smells nice and not over powering, an effective smell, just what I’d want from an anti-perspirant deodorant like this. It dry’s well and the during the times I’ve used it I’ve never noticed any sweat marks during a hot day in the office, even after working a 12 hour shift. Does it last 96hours? I suspect not, but I’ll never know as my wife wouldn’t let me try this out – I can understand why, 4 days without a shower is pushing it a little. I did try it out in the next best way 24 hours without washing and while doing a job interview in a dark blue shirt on a warm sunny day. I normally avoid wearing a dark blue shirt under a suit as I know it will inevitably result in massive sweat marks under my arms due to the uncomfortable situation. But using the Loreal 96h deodorant I risked it and it was a success. After the interview, I checked my shirt and it was dry as were my armpits, success. The next morning, I checked to see if the deodorants pleasant aroma still existed, it did, although very faint but that was only 24 hours after application so I suspect it wouldn’t go the full 96 hours they hope for. All in all a good product and one I’d buy again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

chrisbroon Review panel member
5 stars

"I hate roll on deodorant" - me, 3 weeks ago. I always found it to be slimey, make marks on clothes and not work as well as a spray. I got a 50ml Invincible Sport Deodorant to take on holiday to Australia with me and I was amazed at how well it worked in 35 degree heat and even rather high humidity level found in the Daintree Rainforest. At the end of the day, I smelled fresh and was pretty much bone dry! It even worked after I had been in the pool for some time. I've been enjoying being dry and fresh at work since I've gotten back too. I used to leave the kitchen after lunch service to "freshen up", now I don't need to! Invincible Sport is unlike any other roll on (or spray) that I've used before. It works extremely well, even in awful conditions. Doesn't mark my clothes and is quick drying so I don't get the slimey feeling. In short, it really is Invincible. And ,I am a convert to roll on!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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