Men Expert Clean Power - Shower Gel

Men Expert Clean Power

High performance and purifying shower gel. 100% engineered for men.

Citrus Woody Shower Gel

Shower Gel
4 stars

43 Reviews

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Our 1st Men Expert shower gel enriched with Citrus and specially formulated to eliminate impurities such as sweat.

Purify your body, face & skin with Clean Power shower gel.

• Citrus and fresh woody fragrance

The ultimate 3 in 1 shower gel for face, body and hair.

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42 Reviews

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4 stars
5 stars

lovely gel really fresh and easy to use gets you clean with refreshing results

4 stars

I often buy men's shower gels as they smell so fresh! This gives me the kick I need in the morning or after an intensive workout - it's also great at removing the chlorine pool smell. The only downside is that the product is quite runny so the upside bottle is not really convenient to use as it can easily leak.

skeemag Review panel member
5 stars

Now then, where to start.......If like me you are a man and i'm assuming you are if you're reading this then you know that there is a plethora of shower gels seemingly tailored for a plethora of manly needs. Buying shower gel can be a real minefield and often men are disappointed with their seemingly perfect purchases of manly cleansing goodness. I understand the plight having been there many times myself. There is however what appears to be a solution, a beacon of light, a silver lining to the dark cloud that is the traumatic experience of purchasing a below par shower gel. That solution is none other than L'oreal men expert shower gel which they have kindly asked me to try and review. Now heed what I say and feel an unfamiliar re-assurance that this stuff is the answer to your bathing woes. For me personally it has everything I could want in a shower gel and it gets a mahoosive thumbs up, no fist pump from me! It makes me feel fresher than a crisp spring morning on the peak of mount everest. I feel clean and smell great to boot. If you're lost when it comes to purchasing shower gel then look no further as I have found the holy grail so to speak and would recommend anybody to try it out for themselves. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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