Men Expert Sensitive - Shave Gel

Men Expert Sensitive

Protects sensitive skin when shaving.

Sensitive Shaving Gel


L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Shave Gel protects sensitive skin when shaving.

• Suitable for sensitive skin.

• Helps protect against razor burn sensation.

• Ultra-comfortable shaving.

• Helps reduce feeling of dryness.

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1 stars

Very disappointing indeed. Does not feel like a L'Oreal product, more like supermarket value brand. Does not seem to moisturise at all.

1 stars

Unfortunately not what I was expecting. It takes at least 30 sec to get enough gel to be able to shave, no matter how much I shake it, little comes out the nozzle. Dont know if it is a design fault but it is very frustrating.

1 stars

Slightly sensitive skin, this left me with razor burns and cuts when used normally. Avoid if possible

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