BB Cream 02 Light

Everything you need to know about BB Cream

For the past few years, blemish balm cream - or BB cream, as it's more commonly known - has been a staple in our make-up bags. Let us explain why:

An Asian success story

Blemish balm was created in South Korea to reduce redness and scarring following cosmetic procedures and other skin treatments. The multi-tasking cream manages to hydrate, even skintone, protect and correct, while offering an alternative to heavy foundations. Since then, BB cream has been emulated around the world and has become an essential in our vanity case.
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The all-in-one perfector

BB cream is a unique product in that can replace many everyday cosmetics used for skincare and makeup. For skincare, it is versatile : moisturising, soothing, capable of evening out the skintone and healing blemishes. As a make-up product, it's brilliant at covering imperfections, redness, age spots and reducing the appearance of large pores without clogging the skin. Some BB creams also offer UV protection. Depending on the needs of the skin, BB cream can also offer additional benefits such as anti-aging, anti-spot and anti-imperfection properties. BB cream isn't too heavy, giving a natural finish and restoring luminosity to the complexion while providing long-lasting hydration.
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Miracle skincare for all

BB cream is suitable for all skin types, including skin that is sensitive, fragile or has a tendency for acne. Non-comedogenic and non-greasy versions can be used as a day cream for normal skin. For those who prefer a light and more sheer make-up base, BB cream can be used instead of foundation; work the cream outwards from the centre of the face so that it blends in evenly with your skin tone. And for those in a hurry, BB cream can serve as sun protection, all while offering a flawless base and caring for your skin. A true skincare miracle !

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