Elvive Extraordinary Oil - The Gold One For Dry Hair

MY WORLD NURTURED AND NOURISHED Experience an extraordinary dry hair transformation. Whether your hair is normal-to-dry or dry to very dry, we have a ritual for you: 1. Elvive Extraordinary Oil Hair Care – for dry hair - infused with 6 luxurious flower oily extracts. Give sheer indulgence to your hair - Touch the sumptuous softness, See the lustrous shine, Feel weightlessly free-flowing lengths, Smell the precious floral fragrance. 2. Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Care - for normal to dry hair - infused with Fine Coconut Oil. Give your hair up to 48 hours weightless nourishment*. The star of the range is the Extraordinary Oil Hair Oil, available for both normal and coloured hair. The indulgent formula tames frizz and fights flyways. *Elvive Extraordinary Oil Weightless Nourishment Shampoo and Multi-Use Balm. 82% of 102 agree.