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Magic Retouch

The world’s number 1 root concealer brand*, perfectly covers grey hair. Match and blend Magic Retouch root concealer spray instantly. Suitable for people who use permanent hair dye or semi permanent hair dye and can be matched with your hair colour, even salon colour, for a natural looking finish.

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Magic Retouch Permanent 

Looking for that perfect quick fix between colouring? New Magic Retouch Permanent hair colour for 100% grey root coverage in just 10 minutes that blends seamlessly with your hair colour.

Mixing your hair colour is also now precise, easy to use and mess free thanks to our new applicator where you only apply colour directly where you need it. Suitable for all hair types and textures.

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Magic Retouch Precision Instant Concealer

Magic Retouch brings an innovation - our instant root concealer precision brush that creates an easy application for those stubborn scattered grey hairs.

The formula blends with your hair colour and lasts until shampooed out.

For light blonde to black hair, Magic Retouch perfectly matches and blends with leading shades including salon colour.

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