Hair Colour Try On

Try before you Dye! L’Oréal Paris has partnered with the Canadian beauty tech company ModiFace to bring you Virtual Try On Hair Colour—the hair colour try on tool that uses augmented reality to divine hair colorant results before you take the plunge. For women who want to cover greys, experiment with a new look, or just lighten up a smidge, the question is the same: is guessing worth the risk? Find your perfect colour match using our hair dye try on.

What hair colour suits me? Q&A

Q: I’m looking for hair to suit my daring style. What hair colour would suit me?
A: For you, hair isn’t just a colour—it’s a statement. Bolder colours show your personal style and reveal a beautiful inner confidence. But don’t forget, the wrong hair colour can make your complexion look washed out. Stand out from the rest, but first take a test. Tap & Try.

Q: What would I look like with brown hair?
A: That depends on your skin tone! For example, dark browns and golds are gorgeous if you have darker skin with cool & neutral undertones. But some browns can make fairer skin with cool undertones seem washed out. Tap & Try for the virtual hair colour changer result.

Q: What would I look like with blonde hair?
A: Complexion isn’t the only consideration when deciding whether to go for a new look. Hair colour can also accentuate the beauty of your eye colour. For this, choose a contrasting hair colour, such as caramel blonde for blue eyes or soft red for emerald-green eyes. Explore how hair colour can draw attention to your eyes using the Tap & Try.



  • Step 1

    Try on LIVE or upload a selfie

  • Step 2

    Select the hair colour family you’d like to try

  • Step 3

    Browse shades to find your perfect colour match and experiment with your look

  • Step 4

    Use the compare feature for a before & after view


Virtual Try On Hair Colour is driven by a stellar technology of our age: augmented reality. Augmented reality is a game-changing innovation in the world of beauty. It allows your real-time videos and uploaded photos to be overlayed with imagined, highly realistic computer-generated images. This means you can visualize what your hair colour curiosity will look in real life. Our hair colour generator has a high realism & colour accuracy in both the Live hair colour try on mode and photo mode.

The hair colour changer was developed by an expert team of engineers, researchers, and scientists who are dedicated to creating sleek & immersive beauty experiences. The inclusive tracker detects your hair and creates realistic results by its near-perfect edge coverage, for all hair types and various hair styles. Artificial Intelligence is used to generate the hair colour simulator’s end result. It detects your current hair colour so that the colour tester can be calibrated specifically to you. All shades are fine-tuned to the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, darkness, and intensity of your live images or selfies. To achieve this degree of accuracy, your image is compared with a rich pool of existing images from people around the world, of all different ages & ethnicities. But don’t fret, your Live/selfie images are never stored.

Results & lastingness will vary according to your hair’s colour & condition. A patch test 48 hours before using hair colorant is always advised.

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