How To Maintain Your Brand New Colour By Préférence

Because coloured hair is often more prone to damage, it's important that you give your hair the special care it deserves. Here are some of our top tips for keeping your new colour looking beautiful.

1. After colouring your hair, wait as long as possible before shampooing. Try to wait at least 48 hours after colouring to allow your gorgeous new colour plenty of time to absorb.

2. Look for hair care ranges developed for coloured hair to protect and maintain your tresses. Try the L'Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect range. Using ranges formulated for coloured hair can help your colour last longer as well as adding shine and volume to your hair.

3. Condition your hair every time you shampoo it. Be sure to use a colour-protecting conditioner. It helps protect the hair fibre from external aggressions and accentuates your colour's radiance. 

4. Deep conditioning treatments and masques are great ways to nourish your coloured hair. Apply once or twice a week to damp hair, concentrating on the lengths and ends for silky soft hair.

5. Turn down the temperature in the shower. When you wash your hair, use lukewarm water. Using water that's too hot on your hair could cause the dye molecules to escape.

6. Take care of your hair in the sun as UV rays can fade hair colour. Try to avoid long exposure to the sun to fight the fade!

7. Take care of coloured hair when swimming. Metal impurities in swimming pool water can build up and oxidise in the hair fibre, giving an undesirable green tinge to blonde shades. Chlorine can strip hair of naturally occurring hair oils, leaving your hair looking dull and dry so try wearing a swimming cap or avoid getting your locks wet altogether. 

8. Use heat-protection styling products if using heated styling tools on your hair. Try using the cool blast setting on your blow dryer to minimise damage to your colour.
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