age-perfect-golden-age-rosy-radiant-eye-cream-Eye Cream

Golden Age Eye Cream

An eye cream for very mature and dull skin

Corrects stubborn dark circles


Looking for how to get rid of dark circles?

An eye cream for very mature and dull skin
Corrects stubborn dark circles
With calcium B5 and peony extract

Peony Extract, with glow reactivating properties, helps skin to gradually recover its natural rosy colour.

Calcium B5, with fortifying properties, restores skin density and tone.

How To Use:

Apply daily to the eye contour, including the eyelids and under-eye area.

Gently smooth with your fingertips from the inner to outer corner of the eyes.

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Small pot in a large box
Did not deliver on any of advertised benefits
Don’t waste your money !

5 stars

Golden Age Rosy Radiant Eye Cream is a lovely product from L'Oreal that really improves the look of the skin around your eyes instantly as it contains light reflecting particles. But over time it also moisturises & conditions your eye area wonderfully and it really makes a diffference to dark circles and fine lines. This is a product I use regularly that has a rich velvety texture that I love, you can use it morning and night if you wish

Tinkerbelle Review panel member
4 stars

This eye cream has a lovely smooth velvety texture to it, comparable to that of a primer. I didn't find this cream particularly moisturizing on its own but it did sit better when applied over an eye cream. It gives a beautiful brightening effect around the eyes but unfortunately for me, it didn't last very long. That said, I would use it on a 'no make up' day. There isn't much fragrance to this but that's probably good as it is meant to be applied around the eyes.

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