Why now is the best time to experiment with pastel tips

Candy-coloured locks are back and they’re not going anywhere. Making their way back into the mainstream last year, candy floss colours scream summertime - and with that just around the corner, what better time to experiment than now. 

Pastel colours fade notoriously quickly, making them the perfect entry-level at home dye-job for those who want to dip their toes into testing out new colours without the commitment of a high contrast and deep colour. 2019 was the year of balayage and ombré hair for natural colours, and 2020 is not so dissimilar with dip-dye ends in pastel shades emerging in equal measures.

Compared to an all over dye, dip dyeing ends requires very little upkeep - due in part to the fact that as the hair grows the technique applied hasn’t changed, no contrasting roots have emerged and fading is in most cases aesthetically pleasing. The final result is dependent on the base colour you apply the dye too, this trend works best on lighter hair because the pigment has more opportunity to pop, so if you’re hair is currently darker it’s worth taking the time to lighten the ends before you go in with the dip-dye. 

The L’Oréal Colorista Washout range is a semi-permanent dyeing option with 8 seamless shades to choose from and fading gradually over 1-2 weeks, you can try a new shade every other week to see which one you like best. We’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve the look yourself at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

- Colorista Bleach Kit (if your hair is not already light)
- Colorista Semi-Permanent Washout Dye in your chosen colour(s)
- Plastic gloves 
- An application brush
- Petroleum Jelly to prevent dye staining the skin
- A towel to protect your neck and shoulders 
- A selection of plastic hair clips to section the hair
- A comb


Patch Test

As with any dyeing at home, it’s important to perform a patch test 48 hours before to ensure that you’re not allergic to the product. 

Sectioning and planning

Time to decide just how ‘dipped’ you want your dip-dye, this trend is all about blunt colour compared to the blended looks of ombré dyeing. So depending on your length begin to section your hair and clipping it in place just above where you want the dye to begin. 

Apply the dye

Assuming you’ve already lightened your hair with our Colorista Bleach Kit or you’re naturally light haired, then you can begin to go in with your chosen Colorista Washout Dye. Using the gloves provided, apply the mixture to your ends - you can also use a comb at this point to ensure that the colour is evenly distributed across your lengths. 

Rinse & Repeat

Following the allotted time on the instructions leave the dye on hair to develop, keep checking on the colour to ensure you get the colour intensity that you’re looking for. Once happy with the results, rinse hair thoroughly. Then style as desired and go ahead and repeat the same process again in a few weeks’ time to experiment with a new colour!