What’s a setting spray & how to use it

There’s nothing worse than feeling your fab, flawless makeup slide down your face over the course of the day. But rain or shine, indoors or out, makeup can crease, smear and fade as the hours go by.

While modern makeup offers more staying power than ever, you can really ramp up its effects with a clever bit of beauty kit called setting spray. It’s the not-so-secret weapon of any makeup influencer or artist. So, what is setting spray, you may ask? Read on to find out more!

What is setting spray?

Do you apply topcoat to your nails to keep the polish from chipping? Setting spray for makeup is similar, but it’s for your face. Like a ‘topcoat’ for makeup, setting spray is applied at the end of your routine to keep foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick in place. It improves the staying power of your favourite products, so they won’t transfer or fade.

Depending on the formula, setting sprays come packed with added benefits. They can:

  • Hydrate skin
  • Control shine
  • Prime your complexion
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When to use a setting spray

Lock your look in place by using setting spray once you’ve applied all other makeup. It’s the final step in your routine, keeping all that contouring, buffing and blending looking freshly and flawless over time. Apply to different areas of the face as needed, covering eyes, cheeks, lips and/or T-zone.

Most of the time, a final once-over will do. Setting spray for makeup is designed to last even through challenges like humid summer days, and sweaty nights on the dance floor. But for special occasions where you need a little extra oomph, some makeup artists recommend a quick spritz between each makeup step.

When to use setting spray vs setting powder

Setting powders keep makeup in place too, so what’s the difference? The biggest is consistency – sprays are liquid, while powders are dry – though both are dispersed in fine particles. Why not extend your makeup’s staying power with a combo of powder and spray? Apply L'Oréal Paris Infallible Loose Setting Powder first, then set it with our Infallible 3 Seconds Setting Spray.

How to choose the right setting spray

Not all setting sprays are created alike. You’ll find a range of different formulations to choose from, and while some are great all-rounders, others are designed for specific skin types.

Best setting spray for oily skin

Keep an eye out for sprays with an oil control or matte finish. These keep oil in check, absorbing any excess shine throughout the day and preventing smearing.

Best setting spray for dry skin

Look for hydrating sprays that promise a dewy or glowing finish. These prevent your skin from looking dull, flaky, or even cakey!

Best setting spray for sensitive skin

Stay away from scented formulas that could irritate sensitive skin, opting for lightweight, unscented products with a non-sticky finish.

How to use setting spray

Achieving a smooth, balanced application is a breeze. First, you’ll want to let your makeup dry for at least 30 seconds. Once it’s dry, here’s how to apply a setting spray:

  1. Shake the setting spray to mix ingredients together
  2. Hold the bottle about 30cm away from your face (or at arm’s length)
  3. Spray the mist in a T-shape or circular motion around your face for even distribution
  4. Let your spray dry naturally without rubbing
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L'Oréal Paris best makeup setting spray

If you’re after a hydrating formula that’s suitable for all skin types, give L'Oréal Paris Infallible 3 Seconds Setting Spray a try. It’s designed to keep your makeup looking fresh for up to 32 hours, with a lightweight, micro-fine texture.

This sweat-proof formula prevents fading, melting, and cracking, so you won’t find makeup on your clothes at the end of the night. It’s easy to apply, with a wide, even application that covers your entire face in just one spray. And best of all, this rapid-setting mist dries in just three seconds!

Save time on midday touch-ups with a fresh-faced complexion that lasts. Whether you’re ready to try the Infallible setting spray or want to find a targeted formula for your skin type, browse the L'Oréal Paris range of setting sprays to find your perfect fit.

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