10 Expert Tips for Skincare In Your 30s

So, you’ve hit the big 3-0, and you probably have plenty of stories to tell. But it might also be time to think a little more about your skin’s health. To help stop the visible signs of ageing, our experts share their top tips for a skincare routine that will keep you looking fresh and fabulous for years to come.

1. Give skin time to breathe

We’ve all been there – waking up at noon after a night out with your makeup still half-intact. While it might be hard to remember to stick to that bedtime cleansing routine, you should always avoid sleeping in your makeup. A good routine starts with fresh, clean skin, so use a cleanser before bed and again in the morning. 

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is key to skin rejuvenation, as dead skin cells really do dull your natural glow. Thankfully, a girls’ getaway means post-party recovery sessions at the spa. But if you’re recovering at home, a gentle exfoliator is the way to go.

Using harsh scrubs once a week can be more damaging to your skin once you get past your thirties, so it’s time to be extra gentle on your skin with a product like L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser Renew Anti Ageing Glycolic Peel Pads. The pads contain glycolic acid and work to remove dead skin cells, keeping skin soft and youthful.  

3. Drink more water

Water is your ultimate weapon against ageing. Skin, like other bodily organs, needs water to nourish its cells and tissue. Drinking a little extra water in your thirties will help restore skin’s elasticity and reduce signs of ageing. 

4. Know your acids

Acids take on a new meaning in your thirties, and we’re raving about them! We mentioned the importance of glycolic acid in our Revitalift Anti Ageing Peel Pads, and hyaluronic acid is another one that’s packed with benefits.

The natural acid helps to repair skin and protect from sun damage, but it naturally depletes as you age (which is why we lose that baby-face plumpness!)

But the new Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Mask is great for adding that lost acid to reshape contours. 

5. Take extra time on your eyes

In your thirties, dark circles and sagging can be more apparent. This is because the skin surrounding your eyes is delicate and thins with age. Taking time to pamper the skin around your eyes fortifies it for the future, that’s where eye creme comes in. 

Revitalift Filler Renew reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles by pumping moisture back into the skin around your eyes.

6. Moisturise (and repeat)

The reason we love moisturiser is simple: your skin needs it. If you’ve spent years experimenting with moisturisers, you know one size doesn’t fit all. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with your options, we have a great one for you to use throughout your thirties.  

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Renew Day Cream is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It gives skin a plumper look and fuller-looking contours.

7. SPF isn’t optional

We’re sure you know by now that the sun has lasting, damaging effects on your skin. A good sunscreen is a critical component for healthy skin, and helps to protect against further sun damage.

Opt for a moisturiser that contains SPF20 or above, like Revitalift Laser Renew Anti-Ageing Cream SPF20. The advanced anti-ageing cream protects against UVA/UVB rays and is designed to firm, refine and shield your skin. 

8. Use a little serum

There’s magic to these powerful potions. Use a serum alongside your daily moisturiser to really boost your skincare routine. You only need to apply a small amount to your skin – a little goes a long way. 

You’ll find L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Renew Serum bewitching. Its concentrated formula has ten times more hyaluronic acid than our average day cream, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and plumping skin. 

9. Sleep reduces stress

You’re juggling life's new adventures in your thirties, and we know it can be stressful. But when you’re stressed, your body produces extra cortisol which can lead to skin irritation. Resting well relaxes you and helps regulate your natural immunity responses, so be sure to get your beauty sleep!

10. Use a night cream

Two elements of your new skin care routine – sleep and hydration – play a big role in keeping skin healthy. As you sleep, you lose water and wake up dehydrated. Night creams keep your skin hydrated through the night, so your skin maintains its natural bounce. 

Use Revitalift Filler Renew Night Cream before bed to replump your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helping to restore your skin’s vitality night after night.

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