Easy Anti-Ageing Night Skincare Routine

Do you want a skincare routine that keeps your youthful complexion but isn’t too complicated? It can be challenging to find the time to look after your skin, but our cleanser, serum, and creams are here to help you. Meanwhile, you can also play a part by doing your best to drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep, and not stay in the sun for too long.

You can incorporate our Cell Renew range into your night skincare routine to keep your skin smooth, firm, and glowing without taking up your whole evening, and here’s how. Follow our night skincare routine steps below.

Night-time skincare routine steps


Get your night-time skincare routine started with a cleanser. Our Hyaluronic Acid Gel Face Wash Cleanser is designed to keep your skin looking youthful by replumping, rehydrating, and smoothing, enhancing its ability to retain moisture. Hyaluronic acid holds onto water molecules to help keep the skin hydrated and has anti-wrinkle properties, so it’s a must when you want young-looking skin.

After wetting your face and neck, apply a small amount to start your night skincare routine and massage it delicately in circular motions. Then, rinse off with water before moving on to the rest of your routine. 

Apply your serum

Next up, it’s time for a serum, like our Cell Renew Midnight Serum. You can use this in the morning and at night, as it helps to protect against external aggressors throughout the day and then supports the skin in repairing itself while you sleep. 

Our serum is formulated with antioxidants from bitter orange and Vitamin E and promotes cell renewal for firm, radiant skin, while it’s also effective on all skin tones and types. To use it, all you need to do is apply three or four drops to clean, dry skin – and don’t forget your neck. Wake up to millions of new skin cells and firmer, more radiant youthful looking skin. Our serum has a non-sticky finish and a luxurious comforting texture, so it doesn’t feel irritating on the skin.  


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Target the eyes

You can’t forget about your eyes, and with our Cell Renew Illuminating Eye Cream, you won’t need to! It’s specifically designed for your eye area, since it’s perfect for delicate skin. Like our restorative serum, it’s formulated with black truffle and fermented black tea to help renew skin cells and reduce puffiness and dark circles rejuvenating tired eyes. Straight away, it tackles the signs of ageing and illuminates the eye contour, making your eyes look radiant and youthful.

You can use our eye cream as part of your morning and evening skincare routines. Press the tube to dispense a small amount of cream and gently pat it into the skin using your ring finger. 

Use an anti-ageing night cream

To round off your night skincare routine steps, use an anti-ageing night cream, like our Cell Renew Regenerating Night Cream – it’ll set your skin up nicely to repair itself while you sleep. 
Enriched with black truffle and fermented black tea – which is rich in Vitamin B and polyphenols – it helps your skin to renew its cells overnight, so each morning, you can wake up with youthful, radiant skin. Just apply the cream to a cleansed face and neck every night, and make sure that you avoid the eye area.

To keep your skin in top condition, why not look at the rest of our Cell Renew range? From serums to day, night, and eye creams, you can transform your skincare routine and look forward to smooth, youthful skin.

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