How to get dyed fringe streaks like an E-Girl

If 2019 was the year of balayage, 2020 is almost certainly the year for face-framing chunky highlights. In the nod to 90’s cool girls, thick fringe highlights have become the signature look for e-girls and are fast-becoming a mainstream trend for 2020.

The look is most commonly seen with bleached blonde sections two-three inches thick, however recent variations of pastels in pink, blue, purple and silver have been emerging as alternative colour combinations. The high contrast look is the ultimate statement for those wanting to experiment with framing their face using colour. From striking bleach blonde on brunettes to subtle peach-tones for blondes, dipping our toes into this 90’s trend is a great entry point for those wanting to try colours they like with very little commitment before dyeing the full head.

Here’s how to achieve the striking look at home following these simple steps. What you’ll need:

- Colorista Bleach Kit
- Colorista Permanent Gel (Optional if choosing to colour as well as bleach)
- Plastic gloves 
- An application brush
- Petroleum Jelly to prevent dye staining the skin
- A towel to protect your neck and shoulders 
- A selection of plastic hair clips to section the hair

Commit to your colour

Decide what colour you want to go for, typically the most striking fringe streaks are seen in bleach blonde against a darker hair colour. However, you may want to experiment with other colour variations such as pinks, blues or slime green. 

Prep, prep, prep

Perform a patch test on your skin, it’s really important to do a skin allergy test at least 48 hours beforehand. Mix up and apply a small amount (the dot of a cotton bud) of the dye behind your ear. Leave for 48 hours to see how your skin reacts, if during this period you notice any abnormal reactions then do not continue with the process. 

If your skin shows no reaction, you’re good to go. 

Sectioning your streaks

For the ultimate streaks, we recommend sectioning two-three inches of hair from your fringe for a chunkier and bold contrast, however, you may choose to create finer strands for a subtler look - that’s the beauty of this trend, it’s completely up to you.

Once you’ve separated the desired amount, use plastic clips to clip the sections on either side of your middle parting - once clipped, tie back the rest of your hair in a tight bun to avoid any parts of the hair being dyed accidentally. Go in with a thin layer of petroleum jelly across the hairline and around the ears to ensure the skin is protected. 


Before applying the bleach, make sure you cover yourself with an old towel and always wear the plastic gloves provided. 

Following the section partings created earlier, begin to apply the Colorista Bleach to each strand, once each section has been covered, massage the product into the hair to ensure the application is even. Leave the bleach on for the allotted time stated in the instructions provided in the kit. Check every few minutes to make sure the bleach is developing, do so by wiping a small amount of the product off a strand of hair with a piece of damp cotton wool. If you are happy with the result, rinse the product off and follow up with shampooing and applying the conditioner included in the kit.

Style and hit record

If you’re going high contrast, dry and style the streaks as desired and hit record on your phone and lip-sync to your fave song like the E-Girl you now are.
Optional STEP

Apply the colour

Not satisfied with just bleached streaks? Now’s the time to apply the colour from your selected Colorista Permanent Gel kit. The Colorista Permanent Gel range consists of high intensity shimmering colours that are blended with pure dyes for up to 3x more shine*. Colours range from bright red, rose gold, violet to silver grey. Follow the instructions provided in the kit, style as desired and hit record on your phone. 
*instrumental test vs uncoloured hair